Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There are some amazing fashions out for the fall season from Vero Modero, looks that are perfect for men and women, must haves for your fall wardrobe!  I just adore Bouquet and her unique approach in fashion, she really creates some stunning pieces that just have to be worn and admired!  She is a very talented and trend setting designer, go check out her shop and you will be blown away by her intense creativity!

All the backgrounds are supplied by PNP, check them out today for your photography and modeling needs, from backgrounds to poses for photos and runway, couples, they are you go to one stop shop!


 This is one of the most beautiful, original designs I have seen in SL for a long time!  I had the fortune of Visiting Cuba a few years ago and this is so reminiscent of something you would see in one of their amazing Vegas like shows.  The incredible detail looks and feels like a knitted dress, the use of different shades highlights and compliments this stunning piece, from the halter top to the layered ruffled floor length skirt.

The ornamental winged piece at the back ties this gorgeous gown together giving it a Haute Couture look that is stunning for many occasions.  I paired this beautiful gown with Milky from Mandala and some glowing eyelashes from Glow.  gorgeous gown, a must have for your wardrobe from Vero Modero!


 Love this vintage throwback outfit called Harika Cabaret from Vero Modero.  This very sexy outfit with the whimsical hat, deep cut top with the layered, sharp cut flowing fabric sleeves, to the open, mid length fringe cut multi colored skirt and matching tap pants that show off your long, sexy legs with gartered black sheer stockings, is a real head turner!

I love how the black top hugs and pools fabric like sexy raw silk draping around the body.  The sheer and satin short gloves add some mystery.  I paired this sexy number with black rose bracelets and choker from G Fields and ballet shoes from Grim Bros to finish a very sexy vintage look!


 I love this very sexy unisex outfit called Haleem from Vero Modero.  As soon as I put it on I felt like a celebrity running around in disguise, looking stylish, chic and amazing, just waiting for the paparazzi to jump out and start taking pictures~!  I love the dark fitted jeans that look worn and comfy, the over sized plaid shirt with high collar, rolled sleeves, that is belted and pulled over and finished off with a long tie so reminiscent of the 80's!

The colors work so well together for a perfect fall look, I added a fedora and just some plain black pumps and this is going to definitely be one of my favorites for this fall!  Your man could also wear this and look very sexy!


 I have so much fun with these outfits from Vero Modero, they are so great and styling them is so fun!  This unisex military outfit called Adalet is such a trend setter!  The traditional military hat with a modern twist, a cordless mic sliding down the one side!  The decorative shoulder, padded and sheek, the arm guard, stylish and looking like it could be full of James Bond type gadgets.  The very sexy slim cut pants that can be worn with or without the full bottom cuffs.  Who says that serious military cant also be sexy!

I paired this with a latex black top from SyS and a whole set of Neck, wrist and waist collars from iControl. I finished the look with sexy black latex ankle boots with handcuffs attached from MaryJanes Shoes.  Fierce, sexy and ready to take on the world from Vero Modero!


 Amazing military fashion!  Bouquet does this so well!  Who wouldn't want to be held and searched in by a beautiful, stylish, confident woman wearing this!?  This futuristic cut design with its dark greys and muted oranges compliment so well! The high collared, corseted top accented with a netted neckline and sleeves with a flared wrist cuff on one side to the shorts with the flared one sided leg and sexy net stockings that disappear in to the perfectly flared boots.

Tying the look together are the muted orange fringed flowered hip and shoulder pieces, that accent the wide belt and perfect cut military hat.  This outfit is complete and available for your fall collection!