Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There is a new designer hitting the fashion world in SL - Ezmeralda Silversmith with her new line of Clothing and Jewelry called Queen of Saba.  Let me tell you I am a huge Fan of Ez, she is one of my dearest friends, part of my SL family and such an incredible person.  This lovely and accomplished Model is now expressing her incredible creativity designing.  I have known Ez since she hit the catwalk running, she was one of my students in my former modeling school and agency and she worked so hard, learned, asked questions until she perfected her walk, posing and styling.  Now this lovely lady has moved on to become one of the most promising new designers to hit the grid and like everything else she touches, I really believe it will turn to gold!  Her dedication, creativity, imagination and attention to detail will leave you wanting more!  She is just wonderful at everything she sets her mind to do.  I encourage you to visit her store and try one of her lovely gowns, she many different styles ranging from Avant Garde to high Fashion Formals and her lovely jewelry and all her creations are very very reasonably priced so that every budget can look beautiful.  For a first attempt I really am speechless!  I can't wait to watch her progression and see what she does next!  Love you Ezmeralda and I wish you so much Success!  I am going to start with my favorite design and move on from there to the others in the collection, really it was hard to choose which to start with, they are all inspiring! 

You can visit Queen of Saba at Nobility

or at Paradise Plaza http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragons%20Fire/168/153/3001


 This alluring gown is called Nobility and it really is fit for Royalty!  The enticing design is so unique from the metal design collar, breast and sleeves to the luxurious blue satin that looks like water has been captured and turned into material.  The plunging strapless neckline and tight fitting bodice flows into a layered skirt, with a ruffled bustle and longer layered open skirt that opens to a filmy soft silky layered floor length skirt.

 This gown is just perfect, it flows together so beautifully and has a romantic regal feel to it with a bit of a futuristic element added with the collar, breast and sleeve design.

 Up close view, made to perfection by Ezmeralda Silversmith,  Nobility also comes in Pink, Green and Purple, beautiful rich shades!


 This charming strapless red satin gown with beautiful pleated skirt and train.  I love how the fabric wrinkles and bunches like RL dresses and looks like it moves with your body, its so elegant!  I paired this gown with earrings from Queen of Seba called Deshi in Gold and Red, they are just the perfect fit!

My favorite part of this dress are the red and black feathers with the roses across the top and adorning the hip, flowing across the legs and back around.  They look so real and soft, you just feel them moving softly around you.  I really love Ez's choice of colors too, so vibrant!  L'amour des Roses comes in White, Black, Purple and Red.  I think the white would make a unique vintage wedding gown! 


 Rosa Bella, I love love this gown!  The luxurious fabric again, the graceful feathers and roses that adorn the top of this sexy strapless number, the tight fitting satin that goes down to the knees where the radiant roses and feathers take over and then give way to  flared pleated layers of silky perfection all the way to the floor.  This has such a sexy vintage look to it!

The final piece of this exquisite outfit is the rose and feather head piece with the tall feathers and rose design, it adds a french flair to this gown.  I just love it!  Rosa Bella comes in Purple, White, Black and Red, a definite must have!


Elegance covers this superb gown, my favorite the stunning pink.  Ruffled, strapless long pleated skirt that fans out into a side train.

The tight black flowered corset just makes this dress pop!  It is definitely an engaging formal gown and really it would just fit in perfectly at a formal function with its simplistic Elegance. The top is just dazzling with the ruffles coming out of the corset.  I paired this with Queen of Saba's Deshi earrings in steel and diamond.  Elegance definitely doesn't need much to make it stand out in the crowd!  Elegance is available in Pink, Red, Purple and Black.


 Here we see the Avant Garde darker side of Queen of Saba.  This enigmatic creation of black satin tight from the strapless top, skirt that disappear into the black and white feathers fanning out around the bottom of skirt.

 You look like and exotic bird with the feathers surrounding the body, encompassing you in this divine gown.

Can you just imagine walking the runway in this or showing up to an event like the Queen of Darkness, just having the room go silent while everyone takes you in!  Ezmeralda has really captured the truly original with the fabulous Darkness.  Also available in Red and White.


 Jardin Du Futur - Garden of the Future is right in this Avant Garde

The incredible full bloom flowered hat, finger butterfly and flowered choker add whimsical elegance to this really grand gown.  It is a one of a kind treasure.


 This truly extraordinary creation is so captivating with the golden dove on the chest of the strapless bodice.  The full whimsical layered skirt that flows to the floor.  The tiny white doves encased on the wrists in caged bracelets.

The gilded cage headpiece with the dove on top and the free flying white dove inside and adorned with roses.  Is this an expression of trying to free yourself? begging for you to let out all your creativity?  I think through this artistic piece you can make your own decisions.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Once again the generous fashion community is getting together to have a fund raiser for Japan.  These amazing people have tirelessly given their time, creativity and hearts to support the disaster relief in Japan. The event starts today and carries through to the 29th of May. I am going to post the information from their Note Card sent out and I will be blogging the amazing designs that will be available exclusively for this event.  This information is for Designers and all who would like to participate and those that would like to go and purchase or donate to this very much needed relief fund.

"<-----------------------------------************************************** ---------------------------------------------->                   
                                                                             Japan Relief Fundraiser
                                                          ~When all else is lost, the future still remains~
                                                   ~Officially approved event by Americares Organizaion~
     On March 11, 2011, at 14:46pm (JPT), a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the north-east coast of Japan, followed by a 124.3-foot wall of Tsunami. The quake and the tsunami crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where radiation began to leak to air and water. As of April 14, the official death toll has been raised to more than 13,000, with more than 15,000 listed as missing, more than 190,000 people have lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters.
      With the official approval by AmeriCares, Ji Nirvana and myself (Serene Faith), are organizing a fundraising event, Japan Relief Fundraiser (JRF), humbly reaching out to SL content creators and entertainers, to join us, to help us help Japan.

     Below are detailed information:
     *Event Period:
       May 14 (Sat) - May 29 (Sun)
     *Store Size and Price:
                -Large (100 prims): L$1,500
                -Medium (50 prims) L$1,000
                -Small (20 prims): L$500
        Please note that 100% of the store cost will be donated to Americares.
        This can be paid at the set-up time through donation boxes or directly to JRF avatar (SLCharityFundraising).
        *All sales vendors will be setup with a split script:
                75% - Americares
                25% - Creator
        (ONE unique item will be 100% - NO SPLIT - see below *Items)
        Script will be provided to the creator by us.
        They are set to split the sales between you and "Japan Relief Fundraiser".
        The script will allow the purchaser to choose an amount.
        There will be a minimum amount that the creator decides.
        But the purchaser can also choose to pay more should he/she wish to do so.
        We ask all creators to design/create ONE unique item to this event only.
        If using existing item, please make them EXCLUSIVE with a new color.
        We also ask that this ONE item will be 100% donated to Americares.
        This ONE item will NOT be split.
       *SLCharityFundraising Avatar:
       A brand new account with the name of SLCharityFundraising has been created for this event.
       All transactions will go through SLCharityFundraising account.
       All transaction history will be publicized on "Japan Relief Fundraiser" blog.
       100% of donations will be donated to Americares and all transactions will be released to the public.
       We have created a blog for JRF: http://japanrelieffundraiser.wordpress.com/
       All transaction history, participating creator names, raised amount, schedules, and anything related to JRF,
       will be posted on the blog for the public to see and follow.
       *Long-Term Donation Program:
       Our goal is to have a 2 weeks event but also to be able to continue the donations for a long term.
       We would like to continue to support Japan as long as possible.
       We would like to humbly ask creators to continue to provide this ONE unique item,
       at 100% for Americares donation, to be set up in your store even after the 2 weeks event, indefinitely.
       Please note that the Long-Term item (same as the unique item) vendor,
       is not an obligation to join the charity.
       We respect your choice, whether you would like to continue after the 2 weeks or not.
        *Donation Boxes:
        Donation boxes will be available throughout the sim.
        Donation kiosks will also be available for creators to set up at their main stores.
       Throughout the event, live DJs and entertainers will be scheduled to perform on a separate sim to avoid lag,
        but will be broadcast on JRF sim as well.
       Should you know anyone who would be interested performing, please let us know.
       The sim was generously donated by RGF Estates for us to use for this charity.

       *Who can participate:
       We are asking designers of clothing, skin, shoes, hair, jewelry, poses and other accessories to join.
       Artists are welcome as well to sell their photography and art collections.
       Entertainers, such as dance crew, DJ, singers and musicians are welcome too.
       *Additional Questions:
       Please IM Ji Nirvana or Serene Faith for further questions and inquiries.
       Japan Relief Fundraiser
       Ji Nirvana
       Serene Faith
       Team Members:
       Mimmi Boa
       Miaa Rebane
       Carilynn Ohare
       Darling Tomorrow"

AZUL Esperanca/Egretta Red

The incredibly talented and creative Mami Jewell of Azul has put together this beautiful gown for JRF.  A stunning tight fitting, low cut, sweetheart neckline, Strapless top, flowing into a full length gown.  The red is such a beautiful summer red, bright and playful.  The waist which is adorned with a gorgeous rose bustle that falls at an angle from waist to hip is adorned with an organza flourish that flows out from the hips in soft layers and delicately falls behind and to the sides.

 You can see how the amazing bustle flows in the back as you move in this gown, and then settles as you stop, combining with the rest of the floor length skirting to make a truly one of a kind gown.  It is so delicate and gentle. Like a whisper.

The Detailing in the roses is beautiful with the array of colors dark in the middle and then slowly fading as the rose blooms.  I accessorised with hair from Plume called Sakura and Earrings and a necklace from G&K's Princess line in vivid red and silver.  A true beauty from Mami of Azul, go down to JRF and purchase yours today and support the relief efforts taking place for all those in need in Japan.

PURPLEMOON - Lady Dragon

 Poulet Koenkamp of Purplemoon adds Lady Dragon to JRF.  This gown is just incredible, the detail, beauty and creativity are astounding.  A long black gown that is flared up and the bottom and trimmed with gold tassels, long black gloves a black hood and colorful shawl that is also trimmed with gold fringe.

 You can see the detailing in the beautiful Shawl, the orange, reds, greens and golds in the trims, flowers and dragon.  I accessorized with Falling leaves bracelet and earrings from Earthstones and beautiful Eye make up from OhOhUp called Potpourri in Yellow.

As you turn you get the full effect of this stunning work, the amazing dragon that is embroidered on the back of the gown, the hood and around the shawl, the gold fringe enhancing its beauty and artful creation.  This is beautiful work from the very talented Poulet.  Please visit JRF and purchase this stunning gown and support the people of Japan.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Avenue is having an amazing Fashion show and event called Couture of Hope.  There are many fantastic, generous designers that are contributing to this event with 100% of the proceeds given to Relay for Life.  This organization is huge for raising money for cancer research to find a cure,  "Relay For Life gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against all cancers".  This is such an incredible honor for me to be able to blog for this wonderful event. Couture for Hope will continue through the month of May so keep your eyes and ears out to the blogs to keep informed and see these inspiring creations!  In my RL my mother is a three time cancer survivor, twice with ovarian cancer and once with cancer in her kidney.  So cancer has touched my life not only with my mother but with others and I know it has touched many of your lives as well.  I would personally like to thank Avenue and all the designers for contributing their time, effort and creativity to this wonderful fund raising event. 


 This incredible gown from Mami Jewell of Azul called Farfalla, a donation to AVENUE - Couture of Hope. Mami never fails to excite and entice us with her creativity and talent! The sensational half shirt strapless has sheer fabric covering the tummy, a sheer and lace ornamental piece off to one side and complimenting the dazzling sheer teal skirting that falls in an angle cut layered skirt with lace trim.  It falls to the feet in gorgeous uneven layers.  The lovely summer color just adds to the ambiance of this gown.

The detail is just beautiful and it looks so soft and airy, like it would flow with you like a summer breeze moving around your body.  This is one you must add to your collection from Azul, go down to the event today and pick up this beautiful gown and support a great cause.


 Angel of Hope from Agnes Finney of My Precious Agnes, donation to AVENUE - Couture of Hope.  This dress is breathtaking, from the lace strapless bodice, the incredible white feather and rose accented sleeves to the amazingly detailed skirt made of layers and layers of white feathers that line up perfectly, fanning out an moving like a dream.  It is one of the most stunning gowns I have ever seen.  The details are just remarkable, it is truly a one of a kind!

The hat is the final touch a large white tropical flower with feathers and petals, perfectly crafted to form a flawless hat to match this perfect gown, so aptly named Angel of Hope it truly is made for an angel. Heavenly!  See the event to purchase your copy and support RFL.


 Angelina Eizenberg of Indie Rose created this vintage masterpiece called Doris with matching jewelry called Pearly Rose.  This exquisite and delicate off white, low cut spaghetti strap top covered with a sheer off white sparkly antique white top flows into a matching waist and is accented with an antique white ribbon running crisscross up the bust and around the arms.  Then flows smoothly into a slim fit satin off white pants and then layers of ruffles flowing off the legs to the ground, so beautifully it almost gives the illusion of being a dress and you can almost feel the perfect, smooth satin on your skin.

The Jewelry is a refined dusky rose and pearl set that matches the rose applique on the side of the pants.  The long wrapped hanging pearl necklace sits perfectly and the lovely triple wrapped pearl bracelet graces the arm and the matching earrings just adds a simple finish.  This is the perfect outfit for almost any occasion, classy, vintage, feminine, gorgeous!  Visit the event and pick up yours today and support RFL.


Sykao Adamski of Entre Mares brings us Wish, a donation to AVENUE - Couture of Hope.  This stunning barely there swirled white lace bodice and white feather, sexy open leg skirt is just lovely!  The imagination and creativity of the large white feathers cascading down the skirt and flowing out from the feather wings inspire!  There are matching lace long gloves that add elegance to this remarkable gown!

 You can see the perfect feathers and minute detail in the the spun lace.  Sykao plays with light to make the feathers glow and some appear almost transparent.

The back of the skirt flairs out and flows with you as you move.  This is a very intricate piece and just incredible to see on!  Please go down to the event and purchase yours today and support RFL.

I will have more posts for you later today, this is just a sampling of what we have to get us started, thank you for reading and enjoy AVENUE - Couture of Hope.

BLUSH SKINS - Purite Skins and Shape

 This cute skin and Shape is from Blush skins and Shapes from creator Marie Whitfield called Grace and the shape is Purite.  The skin is lovely and has an almost slight sheen to it, very even coloring and beautiful definition.

I love the shape it has the cutest bottom!  It is really well proportioned.  I loved how different the shape was from others, it has a very unique look.

The make up on the skin is really lovely I thought it looked very fairy like or it could also be worn as an Avant Garde stunner!  Very well made skins, definitely worth coming down to AVENUE Couture of Hope to bid on!!!

 This is another in the Purite Skin and Shape Line called Love in medium with the Purite Shape!

I love the red lips, and the beautiful detailing in the face and neck. Another gorgeous skin in this line!

SEBIS FASHION - Couture of Hope

This very cute Casual comes from Sabastiaan Obviate of Sebis Fashion for AVENUE Couture of Hope.  The Fuchsia tube top and Hot pink one sided tank, a tied Fuchsia sweater around the waist and the adorable multicolored plaid skinny pants.

I love how he has used the vibrant colors on the top to bring out the muted colors in the pants.  It is a very stylish, fun casual and definitely one you could wear and dress up!  Please visit AVENUE Couture of Hope to bid on this amazing casual!

3636 COUTURE- Gaia Love

 This is definitely a one of a kind piece from 3636 creator dianny 3636 Aeon.  Called Gaia Love.  This sublime piece is like a mother earth tribute from the beautifully done long grass and earth skirt to the stunning detail in the beautiful leaves and daisies peaking out in every direction.
It looks like a mythic woman sprouting out of the earth the only material is the white bustier, the rest from the earth.  Very creative and stunning one of a kind from 3636.  This amazing piece can be bid on at AVENUE Couture of Hope!

SOLIDEA FOLIES - Seasons of Hope

 This is another incredible original from designer Mila Tatham of SoliDea foliEs called Season of Hope. The layers of leaves or ivy that make up the skirt and it flows out like you just stepped out of hiding in nature.  The top is made up of a dark green leaf and colorful flowers with a vine draped over the shoulders.

The incredibly unique head piece is made of large leaves and vine.  This piece reminded me of a woodland Pixie, petite and lovely.  Crafted with love for AVENUE Couture of Hope!


 Magic by Morphine Janick of Sweetest Good-bye for AVENUE Couture or Hope.  This is a delightful, fun, sexy outfit! The high waisted gold buttoned shorts fit like a glove and enhances your legs making them long and lean.  The beautiful long sleeved lace collared button up shirt tucks perfectly showing off your lovely figure.

The black strapless bra peaking out from underneath and the cute black bow tie holding it all together!  You can wear it as is for a great casual gone semi formal or mix and match these pieces!  A wonderful piece to bid on at AVENUE Couture of Hope!

STYLISSIMO - Roar From The Sky

 Stylissimo's Roar From The Sky for AVENUE Couture of Hope, designers Loa Oryl and Marcthur Gooss have made this masterpiece for RFL.  This floor length muted gold patterned gown poses some amazing attributes, the skirt falls in  pleated bell shape at your feet, the strapless top with shredded dark brown and muted gold patterned leaf like pattern with a jeweled blue peaking through.

The waist bustle is an amazing creation of scalloped loops of material and large leaf like patterns surrounding the waist and top of the skirt and nestled inside these nest loops are crows, almost like they are drawn to the dark undertones of this incredible creation.  A wonderful piece to purchase for a great cause at AVENUE Couture of Hope!


House of  Dashwood creator, Dashwood Muicastle, brings Seraphina to AVENUE - Couture of Hope.  This elegant Silver gown is just stunning!  The enchanting silver jewel encrusted single strap top fits snugly and the soft silver layered skirt is full and flowing at the hips and draping softly to the floor with an inset pleated and layered skirt that is just slightly shorter in the front.

There is a splash of dusky soft pink satin added to this gown in the form of a large bow set off side in the back, trimmed with silver and a beautiful rose in the middle. A perfect puff of pink organza like material with sheer pink silk flows from the only strap and cascades down the back elegantly.  An alluring summer piece to purchase for a great cause at AVENUE Couture of Hope!