Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mami Jewel does it again!  Just in time for spring she has released two amazing designs in beautiful Vibrant colors, it was so hard for me to choose the colors to blog because the gowns were so lovely and individual in each color!  Just stunning!

I am also blogging some items from Jewelry Creations by Zuri.  Her Jewelry is really beautiful!  She has some amazing sets that are color changeable and if you join her group for only 75L there are promo sales that are just incredible!  If you have up coming nuptials, you must see Zuri's bridal and groom rings, they are just gorgeous! She features many sets in different designs and colors.  She is a lovely, helpful lady!  Visit Zuri's today!

CALYPSO IN OPAL - MADE FOR MVW GREECE 2012 - Miss Calypso Oliphaunt
 Calypso is definitely in my top 5 favorites from Azul.  Not only is this gown stunning, it starts out hugging every perfect curve, sensually reveling just a little bit to entice, then it moves like there is a little breeze just waiting to lift the delicate fabric gently, helping it flow around you perfectly, then settles in like a dream.  I chose opal because I loved the beautiful colors Mami chose to pair, as the light hits it from every angle you get a different hue, really like the colors of a Mediterranean sea.

 The back is very low, fitted and so sexy, kissed by the sheer, multi colored fabric that flows from the thigh to fan out behind you on the ground.  Just look at the breathtaking way this dress claims you in its luxurious fabrics, giving you the confidence and power to walk into a room and command the attention befitting a Goddess wearing Azul!  My hair is from Plume called Venus.  Calypso comes in Opal, Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Nude, Pearl, Sapphire and Topaz.

I styled with a sublime set called Turquoise Moonglow bracelet and earrings from Jewelry Creations by Zuri. This dazzling turquoise jeweled ensemble is encased in a beautiful silver and added just the right flair to Calypso, the stunning neckline just needed to be bare and the long earrings were just right to draw the eye down.  You can get the set with just the earrings and bracelet or a similar set accented with beads, and it has a matching necklace.


 Alba is really a one of a kind gown.  Mami has combined beautiful fabrics that work so well together, bringing a rich cultural elegance to Alba.  The beautiful top with cascading flowered applique that is tied into the form fitting system skirt by a knotted waist sash,  then flares at the bottom and the dark skirting has a lovely lace like pattern that lets light through, giving an extra sparkle.

I had to take a picture with my arms out to just show how delicate and superb the sleeves are on Alba.  The layers of sheer, light fabric just cascade like a waterfall from shoulder to fingertips.  When you walk the move freely and gracefully, in true Azul style.  Alba is available in Mint, Lavender, Aqua, Sakura, Sapphire and Topaz.  I styled with an older hair style from HOH which is still available in marketplace called Lilly, there are color changeable lilies at the back that are just perfect for a gown like this.

I chose a lovely set from Zuri called Amethyst Sun, I really love this set it has such a gorgeous antique look, making it such a perfect match to Alba in Lavender.  I wear a lot of lavender so this will go with a ton of things in my wardrobe and you can pair it with anything white, off white, black etc, so many possibilities!  I love the intricate beading on the chain and around the amethyst stones, the way it lays so dainty around the neck and delicately graces the ears.  There is also a matching bracelet, Visit Zuri's today to get your set and to check out her amazing creations!

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