Saturday, June 4, 2011


The very talented Poulet Koenkamp has some gorgeous gowns coming out on June the 6th!  They were made for the Miss Mundo Virtual Contest's 2nd runner up, Choksso Vlodovic.  Poulet put a lot of heart and soul into these gowns and the Columbia National Costume, which was Choksso country of representation.  The following is what Poulet has to say about these 2 beautiful gowns.  I love to have the designers comments about thier creations it really adds to the whole experience!

"The evening gown named "Chok" after this sweet woman, is a siren style gown in satin with embroidery details in silver on the skirt and a magnificent collar around the neck. An open back with a brooch gives this gown a very classy and daring look.
I tried to combine these two aspects of Chok's personality, a very elegant woman with a spicy flavour.
She worn the purple version of this gown"

"I also designed her national gown, inspired in the Barranquilla's Carnivals of Colombia. A festive custom using the colors of Colombia's flag, lots of gold details and native patterns in the fabric.
I was inspired in some of the most recent customs worn by Miss Colombia finalists at Miss Universe contest in Real Life."


 This is a spectacular gown, the rich royal purple satin combined with the sheer rich overlay with white accents, hug every curve and flair out at the bottom.  The lovely matching gloves add glamor.

 The extraordinary collar adds the finishing touch to this magnificant gown, fit for a beauty queen and Poulet always has this unique style combining a bit of vintage with modern to create a glamorous combination. The jewelry I styled with is called Life in Platinum from Gems and kisses and the beautiful pose was created for this gown from ::Wet Cat:: called Drama Queen Runway.  These poses are included with gown!


 The red Poulet uses is so lovely, deep with a sheen just makes chok so alluring!

 This incredible pose is from ::Wet Cat:: called Drama Queen Runway and there is a whole pack of runway poses created specifically for this gown and included with the gown.

I styled with Marilyn in Red and Platinum Set from Gems and Kisses.  You could really go bold styling as well, dripping with diamonds or just subtle, this is really a versatile gown.  It also comes in Purple, Black, Ruby, Teal and Magenta.  This charming gown will be available on June the 6th and is a must have for your formal wardrobe!

BARRANQUILLA - Miss Colombia - Miss Mundo Virtual

 The National Costume of Miss Colombia - Barranquilla, the vibrant pattern and colors mixed so beautifully, layered and ruffled skirt, trimmed with gold fringe.  Strapless and so festive!  I love the dazzling colors and culture in this divine costume!

 Poulet made the exquisite jewelry for this gown from the drop feather necklace, earrings, matching crown and bracelets in vibrant gold and ruby, the bracelets and crown are accented with colorful feathers and plumes.

The headpiece is just breathtaking with the multicolored feathers fanning out the sides and the beautiful plumes standing up in the front.  You cant help but feel like a queen in this gorgeous ensemble that comes with all the exquisite jewelry.  I paired this lovely outfit with a pair of gold shoes from Stiletto Moody called Bare Lauren in Gold.

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