Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have some more very sexy outfits from Dreams Inside Nightmares, (D.I.N.).  I have received a few great comments from very satisfied customers as to the quality of D.I.N. and the complete package you get, most including shoes and jewelry along with an outfit.  They are so great for Vamp RP, going out clubbing, just wanting to look your sexy best!  So sit back and enjoy these fabulous fashions, modeled by the sensual Shaylah Roxley.


 Althea, even the name inspires something Sci-Fi royalty, a beautiful Goddess from Venus, the elegant choker necklace, the high collared long sleeved jacket open enough to show off the black bands across, above and below the breast, exposing a tight tummy and the hip hugging long open front skirt that kisses the floor.

Underneath is a tiny white pantie, thigh high white netted stockings and exquisite, white knee high boots, intricately woven.  With the skirt off you can see one final black band situated in perfect position to maybe host a weapon?  No one would notice, they would be to mesmerised by the beauty wearing Althea!  Shay Styled with hair from W&Y.


 Move over Xena Warrior Princess there is a new Warrior Goddess in town!  The provocative Penelope is sure to blindside any attempt at battle!  The thin black band of fabric that covers in all the right places, held together with a thin band of metal and fabric just under the breast, waist and hips, the commanding black, jeweled collar,V-shaped and resting perfectly on the collar bone, the sexy armbands and the long sheer and black patterned skirt made of scarves of fabric.

This outfit wouldn't be complete without the sheer, sensual thigh length stockings and knee high black suede and metal boots. Shay Styled with hair from CaTwa.


 The Enticing Samantha in Red.  Starting with the sexy bra top, encrusted with studs and straps, buckling you in nice and tight.  The outfit is accented with matching armbands, thigh band, collar and waist band that drapes lovely silk red fabrics.

Underneath the very sexy skirt is a thong type pantie with a perfectly placed butterfly and completing Samantha are the perfect strappy heeled sandals.  So enticing!!!  Shay's hair is an older style from ETD.


 Mida is so alluring!  I love the top, its like a window to the sensual!  The matching collar, armbands and waist belt that metal rings hold together the virginal while fabric that cascades to the floor.

The sexy white hip pantie, this too could be worn as a sexy swimsuit!  I love the sexy white heels that are skin matching and you can change the toenail color.  Shay completed her look with hair from CaTwa. 


 Shari!  So devilishly delicious!  I love the reds, glossy, silky, deep, just hot!!!  The top is a sculpted work of art and the patterned silks are just beautiful!  The wrapped armbands cling like wild vines and the bat shaped pendant and beaded necklace is just perfect!

I love the sexy studded pantie and the wrapped red heels, this outfit is naughty, naughty, sexy!  I can see this outfit at an RP event or a vamp nightclub!  Love it!

This concludes my blog on Dreams Inside Nightmares, I really admire Nina's creativity and imagination, she really puts so much into her designs and brings them to her consumers for such a reasonable price.  Most of these outfits range from 325L to about 500L complete with shoes or boots and Jewelry.  Run down and get a little touch of sensuality today!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mami Jewel does it again!  Just in time for spring she has released two amazing designs in beautiful Vibrant colors, it was so hard for me to choose the colors to blog because the gowns were so lovely and individual in each color!  Just stunning!

I am also blogging some items from Jewelry Creations by Zuri.  Her Jewelry is really beautiful!  She has some amazing sets that are color changeable and if you join her group for only 75L there are promo sales that are just incredible!  If you have up coming nuptials, you must see Zuri's bridal and groom rings, they are just gorgeous! She features many sets in different designs and colors.  She is a lovely, helpful lady!  Visit Zuri's today!

CALYPSO IN OPAL - MADE FOR MVW GREECE 2012 - Miss Calypso Oliphaunt
 Calypso is definitely in my top 5 favorites from Azul.  Not only is this gown stunning, it starts out hugging every perfect curve, sensually reveling just a little bit to entice, then it moves like there is a little breeze just waiting to lift the delicate fabric gently, helping it flow around you perfectly, then settles in like a dream.  I chose opal because I loved the beautiful colors Mami chose to pair, as the light hits it from every angle you get a different hue, really like the colors of a Mediterranean sea.

 The back is very low, fitted and so sexy, kissed by the sheer, multi colored fabric that flows from the thigh to fan out behind you on the ground.  Just look at the breathtaking way this dress claims you in its luxurious fabrics, giving you the confidence and power to walk into a room and command the attention befitting a Goddess wearing Azul!  My hair is from Plume called Venus.  Calypso comes in Opal, Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Nude, Pearl, Sapphire and Topaz.

I styled with a sublime set called Turquoise Moonglow bracelet and earrings from Jewelry Creations by Zuri. This dazzling turquoise jeweled ensemble is encased in a beautiful silver and added just the right flair to Calypso, the stunning neckline just needed to be bare and the long earrings were just right to draw the eye down.  You can get the set with just the earrings and bracelet or a similar set accented with beads, and it has a matching necklace.


 Alba is really a one of a kind gown.  Mami has combined beautiful fabrics that work so well together, bringing a rich cultural elegance to Alba.  The beautiful top with cascading flowered applique that is tied into the form fitting system skirt by a knotted waist sash,  then flares at the bottom and the dark skirting has a lovely lace like pattern that lets light through, giving an extra sparkle.

I had to take a picture with my arms out to just show how delicate and superb the sleeves are on Alba.  The layers of sheer, light fabric just cascade like a waterfall from shoulder to fingertips.  When you walk the move freely and gracefully, in true Azul style.  Alba is available in Mint, Lavender, Aqua, Sakura, Sapphire and Topaz.  I styled with an older hair style from HOH which is still available in marketplace called Lilly, there are color changeable lilies at the back that are just perfect for a gown like this.

I chose a lovely set from Zuri called Amethyst Sun, I really love this set it has such a gorgeous antique look, making it such a perfect match to Alba in Lavender.  I wear a lot of lavender so this will go with a ton of things in my wardrobe and you can pair it with anything white, off white, black etc, so many possibilities!  I love the intricate beading on the chain and around the amethyst stones, the way it lays so dainty around the neck and delicately graces the ears.  There is also a matching bracelet, Visit Zuri's today to get your set and to check out her amazing creations!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was recently introduced to a fabulous designer named Nina Belavidorico, her store is called Dreams Inside Nightmares (D.I.N.).  This store has the most sensual creations I have seen in a long time!  They are sexy, very well made and versatile.  You wear them for RP, lingerie, a very sensual evening of dancing and well better left to the imagination!  Not only do you get a beautiful outfit but a lot of them also come with footwear and jewelry and at an incredibly low price.  I really don't know how she does it!!  But its a wonderful gift of her creativity and generosity.  Please enjoy these gorgeous, outfits and go grab yours today!

The beautiful woman modeling for these pictures in Shaylah Roxley, she is not a "model" but is my sister and an avid RPer in SL, she has the perfect curves and look for the designs of D.I.N.  I wanted to show that any of you gorgeous ladies can look like a dream in Dreams Inside Nightmares.


 I love the rich red, how so much skin shows but so much is left to the imagination.  The way the outfit is pieced together with fabric and metal, the low slung metal hip belt with cascading fabric.

Completed perfectly with armbands, necklace and high heeled sandals.  Helena also comes in black, which I will feature below.


 Equally as sensual and alluring, Helena in Black.

You could even wear this as a sexy swimsuit!


 Elettra, so commanding, sensual, and purely sinful in white!  Just look at the detail in the intricate netting in the corset, that matches the sexy stalkings.

Comes with the beautiful necklace and sexy boots.


Mandy!  This outfit would inspire some intrigue as a sexy pirate wench!  The sexy red top with the laced corset and matching skirt.

And the naughtier version for later!  This outfit is so alluring with the arm cuffs, sexy laced up panties and perfectly matched heels and diamond choker.


 Maya so unique, sheer in all the right places, this pieces adds mystery to those who wear it, you have to exude confidence and know yourself very well.  A temptress, out to steal hearts, maybe even souls!

The sexy armbands and wrapped shoes add a flare as does the beautiful collar, making this so darkly regal.

I will be featuring more of these amazing outfits from D.I.N. look for it this week, I wanted to give you a nice taste, go explore and let your imagination take you places you have never gone before, accessorised with one of these sensual outfits from Dreams Inside Nightmares.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am so in love with the designs at PurpleMoon!  The designs embody romance, classic beauty and timeless style.  Poulet pours her heart and soul into her creations and you can see this in every detail of the gown or outfit you fall in love with!   Spoil yourself with a Valentines gown that your sweetheart won't soon forget!

All the backgrounds I used in this blog come from PNP, they have so many amazing choices and these ones are from the Forgotten, 1900's Paris and Ballroom pkgs.  Not only do they have incredible backgrounds but their poses for modeling and photography are a must have!  Visit them today!

The designs featured in this blog are from PurpleMoon's Formal New Releases and Vintage collection.  The are outstanding, and I know you will want to fill your wardrobe with these and more! 

Also if you hurry there is a Cherries on Top Valentines hunt and inside these free little cherries are special editions of some of PurpleMoons Jewelry and Footwear, I did the hunt and wow!  Poulet spoils us again!  There are 10 Cherries in all, 8 on the main floor of PurpleMoons main store and 2 in the BOHO HOUSE across from the main store.  There is a note card with all the details at the main store.


Lourdes is so gorgeous, the form fitting rich satin that hugs every curve and slides quietly under cascading ruffles made of a soft sheer material in the same color as the gown and tinted darker on the ends to bring out the layers that flow to the floor.

The top portion of this exquisite gown in enhanced with a dark mink fur running from the neck to the waist, enhancing the neutral satin and drawing the eye down to take in the full effect.  At the shoulder is a perfect fully bloomed flower with feathers elegantly draping down the arm and wire and bead work designs completing the look.  The very sexy long satin gloves fit perfectly adding charm.  Lourdes wouldn't be complete without the matching handbag that has the same fur design.

I chose to accessorise with Pearl Rain Earrings and Bracelet from Mandala and hair called Dew from PurpleMoon that has the same bead work as the flower on the gown.  Lourdes is available in Mink, Nude, Purple, Bottle Green, Cherry, Silver, Pink and exclusive color Green Moss.


 Rusalka in black and Pink, this gown says romance!  The beautiful gathered strapless top that opens and slides down the sides to the hip, with empire waist tied with a dusky cranberry colored sash that drapes elegantly down, tying in the top and elegantly patterned pink skirt that is tight to the thighs and flares and gathers poetically to the floor. Finishing off this nostalgic gown is the gorgeous elbow length cranberry gloves with the black fluted top, once again drawing your attention back up for another longing look at this romantic gown.

I accessorised this beautiful gown with item from the Cherries on Top Hunt called Margo in Cherry / Gold, earrings and Necklace.  They just added a soft elegant touch to Ruskala that I couldn't resist!  The bracelet is from Ear Candy called Just Breathe Gold and my hair is from Plume, called Allure. Rusalka is available in Black/Pink, Blue/Silver, Burgundy/Sienna, Black/Magenta, Brown/Purple and Black/Mink.


 This stunning gown was made for the beautiful Falbala Fairey, MVW Germany 2012.  The ornate red and gold ornamental shoulder that jets out like an exotic leaf twisting into the perfect position, sets off the tone of this unique ensemble.  The form fitting gathered bodice in a luscious Ruby with encrusted left breast, falls perfectly to the thigh, where the sheer layered ruby and gold deco fabric, flows romantically to the floor.  This gown is swan like in appearance, the back is very low and sensual but so graceful.

The matching ruby gloves have a similar design, almost orchid like at the top and outlined with gold adding that touch of elegance and creativity that you just cant help but be awed by.  I accessorised with Jewelry from Alchemy Immortals called "Ami Amet Deli Pencet" Vine earrings, Ivy necklace and Renaissance bracelet.  My hair is from Damselfly.  Falbala is available in Ruby, Black, Teal, Sapphire, Purple and Brown.

 Donna so sweet, classic, vintage!  I love how Poulet brings back the vintage looks!  They are just superb!  It reminds me of times at my Grams farm in my mom's old room looking through her wardrobe that she left behind!  I adored those looks and Donna is right up there with my favorite styles!  The perfect black lace halter style, wide waist sash that flatters the figure, flowing into a full ankle length skirt with a beautiful beige slip underneath, peaking through with color and style. 

The flared top black gloves add glamor and sass to this alluring dress, you could wear this to any formal occasion! The perfect retro look!   I accessorised Donna with Pearl rain earrings and bracelet in Onyx from Mandala and the hair is Miss Mittens 2 from Clawtooth. Donna is available in Teal, Beige, Red, Silver, Pink and Blue, grab your favorites today!


Luccy so adorable!!!  I looooooove Luccy!  from the perfect tight fitting button up sweater that falls perfectly to the waist and is cinced in with a skinny belt to show off your curves.  The elegant long bow that matches the poodle style skirt that falls and gathers at the ankles swishing when you walk!  This is a vintage classic and is so much fun, the colors are perfect and the ensemble just calls out for attention!

I decided to accessorise with one of my favorite Plume hair with color changing hat to just add that parisienne look to this vintage stunner, its aptly called Parisienne.  I added a bit of a modern touch with Milky Way necklace and earrings from Mandala and of course vintage sandals from Betties in black.  Luccy is available in Light Blue, Beige, Cherry, Grey, Mustard, Pink and Eggplant.

Friday, February 10, 2012


February is the month of Love and Azul brings some beautiful Romantic gowns in many lovely colors to help you find that perfect look to celebrate this month in style!  Mami never ceases to amaze me with her talent, attention to detail and absolute beauty in her designs.  She creates such elegant gown, so much heart in each one!  Her creativity is limitless and you really get that little spark that is Mami in everything she designs!  Check out Azul today to find your favorite gown, I guarantee it will be so hard to choose!  She creates the fantasy, all you need to do is create the moment!

All the gorgeous backgrounds are courtesy of PNP you will find them in the Forgotten, Garden of Dreams 1 and Ballroom 2 pkgs.


 Just in time for Valentines day comes Suzana in limited time colors, Garnet and Ruby!  The Garnet version has an ankle length skirt that is a light sheer black material tipped with rich garnet, a beautiful curve hugging black and garnet satin corset with the same light material as the skirt fanning out the top.  There are matching garnet cuffs, adding mystery and enchantment to this very lovely ensemble.

The equally gorgeous Ruby version has a longer fuller skirt that flow to the floor, cascading around your feet. So elegant and sexy!  I styled with hair from 69 called OMNIA 10 in plush brown. Shoes are from Kalnins called Dante and the lovely necklace is called classic Romance Necklace from Earthstones and only available for a limited time at COLLABOR88.

The back of both versions of Suzana have the very sexy low cut corset tied appearance, giving this gown such a sensual, glamorous look, perfect for Valentines day!  Go today and grab yours for an evening of romance and love Azul style! 


 Mami Jewell of Azul brings us the gorgeous Giselle in Coral. You can be the perfect fairytale beauty in amazing fashion in this gown.  The perfect bell shaped full length skirt, made of a sheer coral and lace layered fabric, moves elegantly with your body and is just made for dancing!

The stunning strapless top that starts with beautiful layers of lace, is body hugging rich satin and falls to lace on the waist, and joins the skirt in cascading waves of sheer coral and lace fabric.  The delicate off the shoulder sleeves that are cinched in with rich satin and a thin tied ribbon, accent the perfect bell shaped lace sleeves.  This romantic gown comes in Coral, Onyx, Amethyst, Jade, Sapphire and Topaz, go and pick your favorites today!  I styled with hair from Analog Dog and color changing Rose bracelet and necklace in Gold from Ashira's.


 This stunning gown was made for the beautiful MVW contestant Miss Ireland - Saleena Hax.  This very sexy gown combines champagne and gold satin coming together from the strapless bodice and falling in ruffles to one side of the gown, accented with a sparkled sheer material that flows from under the ruffles and covers the satin skirting gracefully to the floor.

 The sparkled sheer champagne material layers in the back and the bodice gathers and falls delicately to mid back.  I love how this gown falls on the body, it is fitted and ravishing!

The gown is finished with stunning champagne colored long gloves for that added elegance. Saleena is available in Champagne, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Onyx, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire.  This very sexy gown is perfect for an evening of Romance and some very close dancing!  I styled with hair from Truth, Love Struck Necklace and Earrings and Fatal Distraction Bracelet from Chop Zuey.


 Another exquisitely romantic gown from Azul.  Tyako was made for the lovely MVW 2012 contestant Tyako Coage - Miss Japan.  This gown is so elegant and has such a vintage style. From shoulder to floor your eye takes in the way the gown hugs every curve and flairs at the bottom in perfect sheer layers that caress the red satin to the floor.

 I love the ruffled off the shoulder bodice and the very delicate sleeves that fall below the elbow with definition and some free flowing pieces.

Talk about bringing sexy back!!!  The back of this gown is just about scandalous but it scoops down to the perfect point, sensually accenting the perfect curve of a well toned back before hugging your bottom and thighs and skillfully blending into the flared skirt.  This is one of my new favorites and is available in Garnet, Amethyst, Aqua, Lavender, Onyx, Sapphire, Turquoise and Champagne.  I accessorised with hair from Vanity, Rosabud Earrings and Necklace and Ling Ling Bracelet from Chop Zuey.

These three alluring gowns are available at Azul.  Thank you Mami for bringing romance, intrigue and beauty in these breathtaking gowns to February, the month of Love!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have disappeared for a few months from Secondlife and my Blog.  I want to thank all of you that read for hanging on and enjoying my posts.

My beloved Grams fell ill in December, she was a big part of my world since I was a very young child, a second mother to me, I spent summers, holidays and many weekends on my Grandparents farm until I moved away from in my late teens to venture out on a life of my own.

My grams may have been a farmers wife, but she was so fashionable, up with many of the latest trends, she really looked amazing whether it was attending church every Sunday or dance, get together, wedding, reunion, she always looked like she could grace the pages of a magazine.  I spent the last few months scouring photo albums I had never seen and marveling at how stylish she always was at 4 foot 9 inches and about 100lbs, she was a tiny fashionista!

When she fell ill, I decided that I was going to spend as much time with her and my Gramps as I could, I had so many questions I wanted to ask, so many things I wanted to share with her about how she influenced my life, and how I appreciated growing up on the farm, working hard side by side with her as she taught me how to cook, can and preserve, sew, she attempted teaching me her crocheting skills but my fingers would have other ideas.  She taught me about looking great without a lot of make up and feeling confident and never being afraid to try new things, reach out for my dreams, no matter what the outcome as long as I gave it my best shot.  She was my biggest supporter in everything I did in my life, she was my best friend.

Sadly, after a stroke which left her unable to speak, she passed away January 19th 2012 at the age of 92.  We laid her to rest this past weekend and in the last few weeks I have learned so much more about this amazing lady.  She really lived many lifetimes in her 92 years, she lived with diabetis for 60 years, managed it amazingly, and gave to finding a cure in anyway she could.  She won many ribbons at local fairs for her canning, crochet work, Embrodery work and hand sewn clothing, she worked tirelessly for the rights of underprivileged children so that they may have a fair chance in life. She raised 3 children, 7 Grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  She traveled in her youth with my Grandpa who was the love of her life for 75 years, 73 of those years they were married!!!  Thiers was a love story that will stay with me all my life, thier quiet affections for each other, always a smile, holding hands, all the way to the end, when my Gramps in his unconditional love for her, encouraged her to let go and be with her God,  she would have eternal peace beside him in heaven.  He didnt leave her bedside he stayed brushing back her hair, stroking her cheek and kissing her forehead, always reassuring her.

I am coming back in February which is the month of Love and with that I am dedicating this months blogs to my Grams and her love of fashion and her unconditional love of all her family, friends and my Gramps.

Thank you all for sharing in my love of Fashion in SL and to the amazing designers that give so much of themselves to be a part of our journey into new and exciting realms of design.  I will give you a month of Romance with incredible designers and thier love of what they do.

I dedicate this to you Christine Rose, my beloved Grams, my second mom, my best friend, you will live on in my heart forever and in lives of so many that you touched with your love, kindness and wisdom.  Be at peace with the angels.