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I belong to a blogging group and these skins came up from Bare Sensual so I decided to give them a go.  I have to tell you I am so impressed, they are just beautiful!  So I went along and created some modeling shapes to go with them, for different versatile looks.  I thought surely these skins have to be expensive, they are so well made, the coloring is lovely and they look fabulous, so I went down to bare essentials and checked them out to get some prices for you and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the unbelievable prices!  Hold on to your prim hair girls and guys because these skins start from 10L and go to 200 for one make up color, fat packs of the newer skins are around 600L!!!!  The first 4 I am blogging are the very newest ones at 200L for one color.  Really you can't go wrong!  I think you will be very impressed and surprised by these original beautiful skins ;)  Being a model I have learned to create many shapes to accent the best features in a skin I wear and I really got inspired by Bare Sensual skins and created all the shapes you see here, they will be available soon for very reasonable prices and modify and copyable.  They do have shapes available too so go check them out today and really for these prices you can load up on skins for any occasion or styling need!

Bare Sensual Slurl


More New Releases!

Rebecca and Slade the newest skins from Bare Sensual!  All the beautiful Backgrounds and poses are from PNP.  They have just amazing backgrounds, poses for runway, photos, couples and so much more.  I will be doing a feature on them very soon!  So stay tuned.  The poses are Jenny and the backgrounds are Forest pack 2 and Sunset group pack that is only for members but do join because they give away beautiful members gifts and are so very reasonable for their poses and background packages!  Here is your limo to check them out!

PNP Slurl

Pretty Rebecca this is fair with the beautiful understated peach tones and lovely cheek blush

Beautiful coloring all the way through, not to pale, not to dark, just perfect to be called Fair :)

 Rebecca Milky, a more sensual European skin tone, it almost looks like she has a slight tan starting in her face, an nice healthy glow!  The slight open mouth is so sexy!

 a slight sheen in the legs draws your attention down, just lovey!

 Bare Sensual Rebecca Sunkissed, this is my favorite when I buy skins because it has that just became summer feel to it, the start of a tan an just glowing skin

 I love to wear sunkissed with bathing suits and lingerie!  Look how lovely it is and I find the colors really enhance what you wear.

 I really love how Gigi of Bare Sensual mixed the bright pink lipstick with this medium skin tone, t is so sexy with brighter colors, just showing off the beautiful skin color and makeup!

 It makes me feel like Ive just come back from a tropical vacation!

 You know how much I love Gigi's dark skin colors, omg she picks the perfect shades, they are so gorgeous!

The make up is perfect too for the skin tone, great job Gigi!!! Love them!


Sade Light, the eye make up, skin tone and lips are just to die for!  The beautiful coloring around the cleavage!  This is a beautiful High Fashion look, you could do so many things with this skin!  Bare Sensual, you really need to visit them today!

There are two new relases from Bare Sensual called Greta and Chola!


 I have to say it again I just love the colors that Gigi uses for hers skins, so rich, natural, beautiful!  The face on Chola is so dramatic and gorgeous!  I love the eye make up and beautiful red lips!  This inspired a supermodel shape from me, I can not wait to get in front of the camera's in this skin!  What a stunning face!

There are many make up colors to choose from and the skin is so perfectly detailed that it is perfect for any style you would like to wear or nothing at all! 


 Again a gorgeous color!  I love to pair Bare Sensual darker skins with lighter eyes because the skin just works so well.  This skin inspired that sexy girl next door shape, the make up is gorgeous, the light eyeshadow, enticing blush and shiny sexy lips!

I could walk around in my bikini's and lingerie all day in these perfectly toned skins, the detail is lovely and I encourage you all to go try one out today!  For the quality and such affordable prices you really can't go wrong!


 I just love the serene look of Daylight skin, a beautiful color, so soft yet has a nice peach tone to it.  The soft make up just makes it so perfect for a relaxed look. The detail in the neck and chest are gorgeous!

 The color of Bare Sensual's Jackie skin just makes me melt!  I love love the color Gigi uses for her dark skin, its velvet chocolate!  Fierce!  I did the shape to resemble a young Tyra Banks because this skin just reminded me of her!  Again look at how smooth it is, just perfect!


 Mitzio is my favorite of the Bare Sensual new skins.  She is just too cute with her dark eyeliner and perfect neutral lips, she looks like she has just a touch of a tan and again the details in these skins is just amazing!  All these new ones go for 200L a skin!  Look what you get for 200L!

 Allison from Bare Sensual, inspired a very confident look! The Allison Skin is in the discount section for only 10L!
She has beautiful eye make up with dark liner going out off the eye and neutral lips. A nice Rosy peachy complexion!

 Lovely Lovely Sara skin, Her beautiful tanned skin, nice dark blush accenting her beautiful face and a natural lip.  She looked to me like a Swiss beauty, thus inspired the shape and look at that perfect cleavage!!!

 Karen had a very elegant European look to me, her high defined lips, arched brow and subtle make up.  Karen 002 is also 10L!

Most of you may be too young to remember her but Pheobe reminded me of Marilu Henner best known for her role in Taxi from the 70's.  This skin has such a classic beauty to it with its creamy pale flesh, elegant blush in the cheeks. Just beautiful and Pheobe is only 25L!

The Bare Sensual Kelly Skin is just breathless, this skin inspires a Hawaiian look in the shape I created for her with her gorgeous deep tan, perfect features, beautiful lips and detail in the coloring.  I love how Gigi makes her noses, the shadowing is just beautiful.  Kelly is only 10L per skin.


I wanted to start with the gorgeous faces but I have some  shots of the body's of these amazing skins to show you too, I love the creativity, shading and technique that Gigi uses on the faces and bodies, as you will see in these pictures these skins are perfect for anything from full length gowns to barely there bikini's and lingerie.


 The legs have a slight sheen and shading in the knees, not to much just perfectly accenting the body.

 The shading under the bum and back of the legs is perfect as are the accents and shading in spine, shoulder blades and lower back.

Look at the detail in this gorgeous dark skin, the enhanced six pack, the neck breasts.


 I chose a Bare Sensual light and dark skin to show you and this is perfectly shaded as well, just like our RL skin there are different colors, shading but Gigi has detailed them so beautifully, darker in places like under the bottom, spine and lighter on the back of the legs and shoulder blades.

 Perfect six pack and shading around the tummy, thighs, knees.

Perfect cleavage, neckline and the belly button is so cute!  Great job Gigi and thank you so very much Bare Sensual for bringing such a quality product for such amazing prices!  I can't wait to see what you do next!

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