Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sexy new gowns from Azul, just in time for the holidays!  Beautiful colors for winter that will dazzle and enhance any occasion.

All the backgrounds are courtesy of PNP, they have amazing backgrounds at incredible prices! Go have a look and get some today for all you photo needs. They have great poses for models, photos, couples and so much more.  This is from thier Winter Landscapes pack.

 I love this gorgeous strapless dress!  The tight fitting bodice that flows into a beautiful black sheer chiffon, layered skirt that is accented with sapphire beading that glitters as it swirls around your feet when you walk or dance, catching the eye and mesmerising you with perfect movement and settling gracefully.

The bodice sparkles as if its is designed with thousands of tiny crystals and is softened by the sheer fabric accent at the bust.  The silk black elbow length gloves finish off this lovely formal gown adding a sexy glamor with the fine sheer and beaded accent in the same pattern of the bodice and skirt bottom at the elbow.  I finished this look with my favorite GK piece called a Night of Elegance and a loose sexy updo from Exile called Leilani.  Fabulous as usual Mami!!!  I can't wait to see what comes out for Christmas!  Isobella is avaliable in Sapphire, Coral, Topaz, Emerald, Aquamarine and Onyx.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gems & Kisses - Artistic Creations from the Heart

I have been so lucky to have worked with the incredible Deliziosa Vendetta, artist and Creator of Gems & Kisses since it hit the SL Grid a couple of years ago.  During this time I have gotten to see Deliziosa grow as an artist and successful entrepreneur in Second Life. 

Deli has never been in this for the money, it has all been a labor of love since it's inception and you can see this love and a piece of Deli in every gorgeous piece she creates.  Deli has been a fashion Pioneer in SL from Vintage, to futuristic pieces, she has paved the way for other artists to follow in her mentoring, creativity and passion for all she builds.  To Deli success means that her followers are satisfied and love every piece that they buy from Gems & Kisses as she has been creating them.

Deli is a very generous person,  she has a huge heart and gives so much of herself and her art to anyone who needs it.  She has donated a lot of time and energy to a lot of SL charities and causes, the biggest ones being Haiti Relief RFL, Japan Tsunami Relief.  She goes out of her way to donate what she can to help out wherever she can.  She has also been amazing to new models starting out in the industry, mentoring and providing them with opportunities that they would have not gotten easily.

With this success has come pain for Deli.  She has had some major health issues in the last few years that have impaired her temporarily but continue to be a real issue in her real life and second life.  Through all this physical and emotional pain she works through doing what she loves, which is her art and creative process that brings all of us a piece of her with every piece of Jewelry we wear from Gems & Kisses.  To add to this, unfortunately there are people that don't like to see others succeed and go out of their way to cause pain and doubt about artist when they are insecure in their own abilities and the competition presented by others that are talented.  She has been the brunt of some very unfair, unfounded accusations and cruelty that goes beyond complete disrespect for her has an artist and a human being.  These things would cause most of us to pack up and leave but Deli holds her head high and continues to create and put all that passion, hurt and anger into building her art and creating pieces that are more spectacular than the ones before them.

Deli is a dear friend to me, she has been the source of so much inspiration, creativity, support and success in the modeling industry in SL.  I only want the best for her and her happiness and success.  For those of you that don't know this beautiful, talented artist, I can tell you it has been my honor to call her friend.  I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she does for me and for every project, charity that has been dear to my heart.  She is truly one of a kind!

Deli has Jewelry priced for all walks of people in SL and frequently has amazing give aways, specials and amazing deals!  Now this amazing lady wants to offer her full collection of Gems & Kisses at a limited time Special, Crazy deal so that all avi's can have beautiful pieces of G&K and I have been told that it will be jaw dropping, incredible, unbelievable!  Once this is over all these pieces will be retired and you will be shocked and amazed to see what this talented and creative artist does next!  She never fails to inspire us all!  So keep your eyes and ears open to the blog, G&K groups and other SL groups for the announcement of this amazing special to hit the grid very shortly.

Thank you Deli! I can not wait to see what the future brings for you and Gems & Kisses!

Here are just some of Gems & Kisses amazing creations from the past 2 years.

 The beautiful Flavia

 The stylish Ego

The Strong and Empowering Fashion Rebel and Warrior Sets

 The Vintage Antique Passion

The Lovely Romantique


The Avante Garde Tokyo

The Must have Classical Chic

The Fabulous Miracle of Light and Stunning Luxury Bangles all in platinum

The Lovely Pheobe Narstrom in the Inspiring Fleur in Gold

Watch for the sale starting in the next 24 hours!!!!