Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have some more very sexy outfits from Dreams Inside Nightmares, (D.I.N.).  I have received a few great comments from very satisfied customers as to the quality of D.I.N. and the complete package you get, most including shoes and jewelry along with an outfit.  They are so great for Vamp RP, going out clubbing, just wanting to look your sexy best!  So sit back and enjoy these fabulous fashions, modeled by the sensual Shaylah Roxley.


 Althea, even the name inspires something Sci-Fi royalty, a beautiful Goddess from Venus, the elegant choker necklace, the high collared long sleeved jacket open enough to show off the black bands across, above and below the breast, exposing a tight tummy and the hip hugging long open front skirt that kisses the floor.

Underneath is a tiny white pantie, thigh high white netted stockings and exquisite, white knee high boots, intricately woven.  With the skirt off you can see one final black band situated in perfect position to maybe host a weapon?  No one would notice, they would be to mesmerised by the beauty wearing Althea!  Shay Styled with hair from W&Y.


 Move over Xena Warrior Princess there is a new Warrior Goddess in town!  The provocative Penelope is sure to blindside any attempt at battle!  The thin black band of fabric that covers in all the right places, held together with a thin band of metal and fabric just under the breast, waist and hips, the commanding black, jeweled collar,V-shaped and resting perfectly on the collar bone, the sexy armbands and the long sheer and black patterned skirt made of scarves of fabric.

This outfit wouldn't be complete without the sheer, sensual thigh length stockings and knee high black suede and metal boots. Shay Styled with hair from CaTwa.


 The Enticing Samantha in Red.  Starting with the sexy bra top, encrusted with studs and straps, buckling you in nice and tight.  The outfit is accented with matching armbands, thigh band, collar and waist band that drapes lovely silk red fabrics.

Underneath the very sexy skirt is a thong type pantie with a perfectly placed butterfly and completing Samantha are the perfect strappy heeled sandals.  So enticing!!!  Shay's hair is an older style from ETD.


 Mida is so alluring!  I love the top, its like a window to the sensual!  The matching collar, armbands and waist belt that metal rings hold together the virginal while fabric that cascades to the floor.

The sexy white hip pantie, this too could be worn as a sexy swimsuit!  I love the sexy white heels that are skin matching and you can change the toenail color.  Shay completed her look with hair from CaTwa. 


 Shari!  So devilishly delicious!  I love the reds, glossy, silky, deep, just hot!!!  The top is a sculpted work of art and the patterned silks are just beautiful!  The wrapped armbands cling like wild vines and the bat shaped pendant and beaded necklace is just perfect!

I love the sexy studded pantie and the wrapped red heels, this outfit is naughty, naughty, sexy!  I can see this outfit at an RP event or a vamp nightclub!  Love it!

This concludes my blog on Dreams Inside Nightmares, I really admire Nina's creativity and imagination, she really puts so much into her designs and brings them to her consumers for such a reasonable price.  Most of these outfits range from 325L to about 500L complete with shoes or boots and Jewelry.  Run down and get a little touch of sensuality today!

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