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Some amazing new designs from Vero Modero that you must see!  Their casuals are so fabulous! The formals are incredible!  Really, I am hard pressed to find anything that I didn't like in the store! Bouquet Babii, has a fresh new look on fashion and incorporates some great mixtures of genre's to give us some of the best new looks of the season! I would like to introduce you to some of her newest creations and give you the LM to go have a look for yourself at this very talented designer!  I will definitely be posting more on Vero Modero so stay tuned!

All the backgrounds are courtesy of PNP, they have amazing backgrounds at incredible prices!  Go have a look and get some today for all you photo needs.  They have great poses for models, photos, couples and so much more.  These backgrounds are from the By the Sea series, Sunsets, Cybertown and Dreamland 2


This amazing set is called Bella Green. Very street casual the ripped tank, and black pasties to cover up, is mid length showing off a nice tight tummy. The shiny leather green open vest with snaps, mesh, zippers pockets, ties in the very slim plaid pants accented with a dark belt and silver buckle. The front pockets on the thigh are stylish and give a long lean look.

You can wear Bella with the long pants or cuffed knee length shorts, I styled with a short ankle boot from Gos with open toes.

I finished my look with an up do from, hoop earrings and matching bracelets and nails from Mandala.  Love this very sexy street, sassy outfit from Vero Modero.


 I love this wonderful casual.  The slim fitting sexy Capri's, with deep hip pockets and cuffs, highlighted with a wide,white leather belt.The lovely wind blown, silver patterned halter that gracefully hugs the neck all the way down below the bust where it loosens and blows freely.

I completed this look with some great strappy sandals from Kalnins, silver and black matching bangles and nails from Mandala and long beaded earrings from Mandala.  A must have for your wardrobe from Vero Modero!


 This very unique set is called Locuala from Vero Modero.  Very Haute style!  The leopard patterned top is strapless and fitted to the hips, where it loosens and compliments the matching flared Capri's that have a stiff scalloped pattern down the side of each leg.

 The amazing stiff leather collar is the accent piece of this outfit, and it comes in two options, one high neck, starting just below the chin and accented with beautiful feathers all around.

The Second option for the collar has a scooped neck in the front, leaving it a bit more open.  Such a strong piece, so confident!  I styled with Gold hoops, Chen Bracelets from Gems and Kisses and Gold nails and rings from Purplemoon.


Katime from Vero Modero.  This adorable dress can go from very casual to a nice relaxed evening dress.  The sexy halter top is joined with just a piece of material to the open sided bodice the flows into the slim fitting hip and then flared A line skirt, all in a flower patterned maroon material.

You can wear it without the fared skirt in a very slim fitting mini option to show off those lovely tanned summer legs!  I accented minimally with a gold and garnet necklace and bracelets from Earthstone, short painted nails and versatile shoes from Shiny Things called Belles.


Bouquet has created the most incredible formals!  Vero Modero is topping my list as my favorite new place to shop!  I love her unique approach to her designs and Night Dream is just amazing!  The sexy flared arm cuff, the ornamental flowers with strands of silver, that offset the black, to the beautiful flowing full skirt that moves with grace and ease, starting at the double wrapped band on the waist all the way to the floor.

The strapless top is accented with a sheer almost petal like applique on the bust, giving this a dark very Avant Gard look. Night dream also comes with matching ankle boots.  One thing is for sure, when you enter the room, all eyes will be on you!


 I had to start with a side shot of Silver from Vero Modero.  This outfit is stunning!  The long Silver Skirt trails regally behind you fanning out.  I took this shot moving into position, it was so beautiful!  Very regal like a Mythic or Scifi queen, Commanding, elegant.

 The open front is so intriguing with the sparkling silver pants and matching dark silver boots.  Then your eyes are drawn up to the incredible open, double layered floor length open skirt in silver and black and silver sparkle. Gathered at the waist with tied waist flowers.  The skirts can be worn separate, so that you can have a satin silver or the black and silver sparkle.  I wore both, I love how they worked together and you just use the Add option to equip them both.

The top is just breathtaking with the silver ornamental shoulders and under bust armor, highlighting the black strapless top.  You can for go this and just wear the top with the silver accents, again I chose both for the effect.  I chose to add a bit of a futuristic element to this gown when I accessorised. The bracelets are  Hydra from RazoregaliaExa from PurpleMoon.


 This delicious summer casual from Vero Modero is called Fly.  A cute form fitting summer short outfit with a ruffled off the shoulder top and sleeve, is accented with a wide black belt is perfect for any summer occasion!

The bright colors really attract your eye, with the reds, golds, blues in a lovely paisley pattern.  This really could go from day to night with different accessories.  I am wearing Kitty color change bracelets in red and gold from Gems and Kisses and Gold hoop earrings called Chen from Gems and Kisses.  The shoes are from Vero Modero also called Stiletto pump red. The hair is Angel hair called Lauren II.  You cant go wrong in this Fly outfit from Vero Modero.


 More beautiful summer dresses from Vero Modero, this one is called Asian in White, its rich in bright colors, patterns and style, but set softly on the white giving a stunning summer look!  This lovely Mini could be worn casually during the day or dressed up for the evening with an updo and jewelry.

I just love the multi colors in the dress, the pattern is very expressive, you can mix it up every time you wear it with different color shoes and accessories.  I chose to dress it up with orange pumps from Ivanka Akina called Eternity, Plume hair Hibiscus and Gems and Kisses Princess set F with the Vivid color changer and chose an orange gem. 


 I wanted to blog Asian in another color as well so that you can see the incredible patterns in the colors, they are different from the white, both equally as stunning!  This rich blue, multicolor pattern is perfect for an evening affair, weather its a long walk on a beach or a dinner out, you can't go wrong in Asian in blue.

There are so many gorgeous colors and patterns in this dress you can dress it up or down, I pulled out the reds with a set called Asian from Earthstone that has color change beads and metals and went with the red and gold.  I chose a loose updo, more casual than formal, red nails and blue heels from Ivanka Akina in blue.  Vero Modero makes the most versatile, lovely casuals!  Go and get yours today, Asian is available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Plum and White


 This breathtaking gown is called Hope.  I adore this gown, the colors, style, creativity!  The open skirt in the front, with the flower designed textures, opening up to the second skirting in one solid color filling out the gown.

 From the side view you see the incredible train of this gown and the fabulous high collar of the top.  The train moves with you and flows just beautifully behind you commanding attention.

The top of the gown is just gorgeous, the vibrant red collar and flowered wide sash belting, matching cuffs on the sleeves, sets of the black flowered pattern in the rest of the gown and draws attention to the stunning detail in the top and belt.  A dream dress, Hope is definitely a must have, visit Vero Modero today to purchase this one of a kind!  All I added to this gown for accessories was the Pearl Rain earrings from Mandala and a simple pair of black pumps, as the dress really doesn't need much more than that!


 The Righe Set from Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero is a very sexy black lace outfit.  The top, from the off the shoulder black lace ruffles and ruffled sleeves down to the tight fitting lace bodysuit that fits like a glove and is finished of with a wide leather belt and net stockings peaking out, that adds a little mystery, wondering what is underneath!  I paired this outfit with Bon Bon Earrings from Gems and Kisses, Black Ballet Shoes from Grim Bros and some spiked cuffs from the twisted hunt.

Look no further, for those of you that dare, you can also wear this outfit with out the lace pant and the long lace sleeve and show of the thigh high net stockings with a sexy pair of high boots, giving you 2 completely different looks! The boots are from J's.  Such a fun, versatile outfit!


 My new favorite summer casual!  Dolce comes in many colors, I just loved this one, it was so beach and casual day color for me!  I love the empire waist and soft flowing skirt, the length is great to show off your beautiful tanned legs and summer glow!  This could really take you from day to night, a nice dinner or casual beach party, it is a very versatile dress.

The strapless top and soft patterned texture finishes off the look and it fits perfectly, with really minimal work on the sculpted top, one of the easiest fits I've ever had!  I paired this lovely casual with Mandala's Pearl Rain in white earrings and bracelet and an open toed sandal from N-Core shoes.

This is a very fun little summer casual from Vero Modero is called Cici.  This delicious mini is low cut on top and very high cut on the bottom to show off your fabulous summer tan.  The flowered designs with all the bright colors and the braided neutral belt just finishes it off.  The hat adds a unique touch, matching perfectly and giving you a delightful dressed up casual.  Perfect outfit for some summer fun!

Vero Modero Show

A wonderful show from the incredible Vero Modero Saturday, June25th at 2pm slt.  Come down and see what Vero Modero has to offer and see the beautiful show!  I will be blogging more on Vero Modero next week, so come down on Saturday, sit back and enjoy the show, you wont be disappointed!

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  1. I have to say i love vero too, I was in the store last night, and omg. if has more linden I would have bought the store out. Many of these outfits are a must see... I will be sure to find them. ty for your blog ;)