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 The newest Treasure from Azul is called Anna.  This stunning gown encompasses components of vintage and modern design to create this one of a kind Beauty.  From the beautiful rose and feather shoulder ornament to the strapless bodice flowing open top skirt that is Jade with black lining and flowers and feathers of the same color wrapped around the waist and cascading down the side of the body until they are mere petals, to the dark underskirt that kisses the floor, this is just an astounding gown!

The detailing in the flowers and feathers that adorn the waist and the shoulder are just incredible.  Sexy long black satin gloves complete this beautiful look and I love the Jade and black, how the colors just work together so nicely, blending with each other, Mami always chooses such vibrant colors.  Anna is also available in other colors, it was so hard to choose one!  Topaz, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Onyx.  Get down to Azul and get your Anna dress today!

AZUL FOR JAPAN - Egretta for Japan Earthquake Relief

This gorgeous gown has been made by the incredible Mami Jewell from Azul for Japanese Earthquake relief through the Red Cross, all proceeds from the sale of this gown go to this relief effort.  I took the picture of this beautiful gown at Tempura, I thought it was so fitting.  This gown is so graceful, lovely, symbolizing new, hope, beauty and compassion.  Mami does so much for so many relief efforts and Charity events in SL, she is a wonderful, giving person and her love of what she does really shows in the beautiful Egretta.

The beautiful Sheer skirting, light as air as you move, flowing around you and accenting the delicate roses that flow around the bodice where it connects with the skirt. Its a dream in white, pure, delicate and incredible!  I styled with Mandala's Milky Way Bangles, Choker and Earrings and Stiletto Moodys Foxy Slingbacks in Liche.

The lovely satin bodice, Vee'd, strapless, tight fitting, and curve hugging, again a beautiful piece that could be worn for many occasions including a lovely spring wedding!  Please go out and buy this beautiful gown today!  At only 500L it really is a steal!  There is also another lovely gown she has created for Japanese Earthquake Relief, it is red and called Esperanca, also 500L.  Please join Mami and contribute to the great need in Japan.

AZUL - Esperanca for Japan Earthquake Relief

The second gorgeous gown from Mami Jewell of Azul for Japanese Earthquake Relief through the Red Cross.  This amazing red strapless formal with the long layered silk red skirt with black silk undertones, has a beautiful glow moves swirling around your body as you glide.  Imagine wearing this beautiful gown on a moonlit night dancing until sunrise, and this beautiful skirt catching the light.

The top of this beautiful gown has a lovely sheer black covering that has ties around the neck and lovely flowing sleeves.  I paired this with Mayur in Black Bracelets and red pumps by Ivanka Akina.  Again, this amazing gown is 500L and all proceeds go to Japan Earthquake Relief through the Red Cross.

AZUL - Kathe in Pearle
Kathe, new from Azul.  This silky creation is just stunning! The detail and unique design make this a must have!  Look at the layered skirt, different lengths of fabric draping loosely off the perfect white satin roses that enhance the straight cut satin dress.

As you can see the flowers wrap right around at an angle from hip to mid thigh with the impressive layers of satin and lace netting.

The elegant open scooped back enhances your curves and you look amazing coming or going!

The top is such an intricate piece, the gorgeous lace bust and the beautiful layer lace sleeves really finish the look to this absolutely exquisite gown.  Mami blends the lace and satin perfectly, seamlesly. I accented the gown with Snake and Extreme Nobility necklace and earrings in PlatinumWhite Bracelets in white and  Again another beautiful gown you could wear anywhere and as a breathtaking wedding gown in the pearle.  Kathe is available in Pearle, Jade, Sapphire, Onyx, Amethyst and Champagne.


This new gown from Purplemoon's Poulet Koenkamp is as lovely as its very appropriate name... Grace.  I am wearing Grace in pink and this gown is just luscious!  I reminds me of intricately spun colored sugar, in its delicate, luminous fabric that flows from the incredible skirt and the bottom is finished with a slightly darker ribbon of pink.  The lovely layers moving gracefully, I know, I had to have a dance in this beautiful dress!

The strapless pink, tight fitting bodice, decorated with silver, diamond shine and pink crisscrossed fabric.  The beautiful black sash that adorns the waist with a lovely side flower and cascading ribbons of silky black falling down the side, with matching black satin gloves make this beautiful soft pink just pop!  Truly this is an inspiring gown, its so beautiful it reminds of the perfect prom dress or formal that ever girl dreams of.  You cant help but feel incredible wearing Grace!  I accented Grace with one of my favorite soft pieces of jewelry as you do not need much with this gown.  Son!a's Autumn bracelet, 2 rows in silver and Freeda Diamond Choker in silver.

Grace in white is just as lovely, layers and layers of chiffon, like soft whipped icing a beautiful cake! An incredible formal that you could wear to any formal occasion. Really with the right Veil this would be a gorgeous modern fairytale wedding dress!

I highlighted Grace in White with some really beautiful jewelry from G Fields called Imperial in Black.  It has color change jewels so I selected diamonds to compliment the black choker, bracelets and earrings, PurpleMoon designs are so versatile with any accessories!  Just gorgeous Poulet!  Thank you for keeping us awed and in style with just a hint of that old Hollywood Glam I love so much!

AZUL - Jeanie

The latest creation to come from the outstanding Mami Jewell of Azul is called Jeanie.  This beautiful spring gown is adorned with gorgeous silver flowers on the shoulder and hip and cascade down the leg. The soft flowing Amethyst silk flows out from the side behind the graceful flower and falls from hip to floor swirling around the body and moving like a dream when you walk.

The stunning sparkling strapless top, ties in this gorgeous skirt and amethyst silk ruffle that adorns the top. This gown just sparkles and shines, its truly stunning and will be a real head turner in your spring wardrobe!  This beautiful gown it comes in Emerald, Aquamarine, Onyx, Gold, Garnet and the amazing Amethyst.  Thank you for another outstanding creation Mami!

AZUL - Lolita

This new amazing gown from Azul called Lolita is incredible!  It is layers of gorgeous sheer chiffon, falling down the body perfectly, like layers of icing on a gorgeous cake!  The beautiful peek a boo top enhances the glamor and clings to the body until the hips where the layered skirt begins.  The waist is accented with a sash of black satin.  The neck and matching gloves are complimented nicely with black satin ruffles.  I chose the Ruby to blog, it really is a lovely spring color!  Also, I wore no accessories as really you don't need much with this gown, maybe a pair of earrings if you wear hair that doesnt cover your ears and a delicate bracelet. Lolita come in many other alluring colors Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Onyx, Turquoise and Ruby.  Once again a stunning new original from the incredible Mami Jewell of Azul!  Thank you for this beautiful breath of spring!

AZUL - Blossoms

I have been waiting for this incredible gown!  It is called Blossoms and is named after and was worn by the beautiful and sweet Blossoms Sweetwater, MVW China 2011, in the MVW pageant.  This impressive dress is the creation of Mami Jewell of Azul.  I love lavender and chose to blog this color of the gown. A dark lavender lace bolero with a high collar and frilled lace long sleeves, the gorgeous pale lavender bodice, strapless and low cut, hugging the body until you get to the sculpted skirt, V waist and lovely soft dark lavender petals cascading from the side of the waist around the hips.  Then the gorgeous sheer silk skirt, trimmed with beautiful lace flowers that gracefully trickle to the ground completing this luscious gown.

I needed to zoom in close so you can see the very detailed sculpted petals with their blending shades of lavender and the way the sit. This must have taken hours just to create this portion of the gown.  You can also see the details in the bodice and almost feel the boning that would hold up the gown.  It looks like rays of light are moving through the sheer skirt as well.  So ravishing!  Blossoms comes in  Aqua, Lavender, Noir, Peach and Snow.
You can wear this dazzling gown with or without the flower prim skirt and bolero, as you can see both ways are fabulous.  This way is softly elegant.  The skirt moves like a dream, swirling and falling slowly back into place, its so lovely to watch. I completed my look with hair from PurpleMoon called Daz in Chocolate, Son!a Jewelry called Freeda diamond and the bracelet is Autumn in silver 2 rows and Stiletto Moody's Bare Katherine in White.

AZUL - Sakura

 Another stunning design from Mami Jewell of Azul.  This one named Sakura was also worn for the MVW pageant by Blossoms Sweetwater, Miss China for her National Costume.  I chose the Jade version of the gown, the luscious color caught my attention and just looked so spring with the promise of all the green trees, grass.  The gown is a pear white straight cut strapless, with the beautiful jade Obi around the waist trimmed with a long gold bow.  The sensational long coat made with layers of the sheer green and Asian patterned silk, fit perfectly, its high collar, sculpted ornamental shoulders and long wrapped and flowing sleeves, elegantly draping the arms.
Close up you can see the incredible detailed patterning in the outfit, the lush greens complimenting the jade and the perfect collar flowing behind.  You can wear this gown with a long coat or a shorter one, it looks amazing with either! The colors are so beautiful and they really add to the superior design.
The Gown can be worn with just the Obi and gold bow, giving the white a punch of gorgeous color and elegance that could be worn to any formal occasion.  I styled this with Luck from Earthstone, a very simple color change necklace and earring set.  My hair is from Tukinowagama and is called Francesca in Ebony also with color change hair ornament.  My shoes are Bare Katherine in White by Stiletto Moody. Sakura comes in several bold, beautiful colors, Amethyst, Jade, Garnet, Onyx, Sapphire and Topaz.


 The new Purplemoon design, Mystery, is such a beautiful Vintage piece!  By now you all know I love Vintage!!!  This dress is so my style and is so reminiscent of what you would have seen on Hollywood starlets of the past.  Poulet creates incredible designs that have a vintage modern style, I love how she can combine the two elements to make her designs so unique and fabulous!  She also uses the most beautiful reds, this one called Cherry is so deep but has that glossy shiny element that just makes the black lace overlay pop and adds a bit of elegant drama to this incredible mermaid cut gown.  The feather stole finishes off this piece with flair and glamor and is available in faded pink, green, white and black.

 I styled my look with Pearl Rain in Onyx from Mandala as it too has that combination classic vintage with a modern touch. and with PurpleMoon's Zoe in earth tones, I love the way this style frames the face and it can be worn with the accompanying hair sticks to give it a little Asian flair!

 PurpleMoon's 6000 Member's gift, a very lovely and classic variation of Mystery.  I love the way Poulet made this version, from the tight fighting gown to the shorter and feathered bottom, long lace sleeves and collar.  It is absolutely stunning and could really be worn for any occasion.  I could really see a modern Sophia Loren in this look, I say modern because she was know for her love of hats but I think the modern version of a young Sophia would like amazing hair and may forgo some of her hats for different and unique hair styles.  Poulet absolutely spoils her group members with amazing creative gifts!   Thank you Poulet for spoiling us!  We love what you design!

I styled my look with Gems and Kisses high collar Victoria in black and platinum, matching earrings and black snake bracelets.  The hair, one of my PM faves and is called Rei and the shoes are called "Classic Stiletto" from N-core.  If you are not a member of PurpleMoon what are you waiting for?  It's only 50L to join and you get great fashion, excellent perks and will always be stylish!

ALAFOLIE - Miss Philippines V2
This gorgeous sequined and sparkled gown was created by the incredible Pixivor Allen of AlaFolie for the lovely MVW's Fuzz Lennie, Miss Philippines.  The gown is absolutely stunning from its form fitting sequined spaghetti strapped low cut top to the perfectly flared bottom. Accentuated by incredible gold flower, with cascading leaves appliques on the shoulder, waist and one for your hair.   The beautiful sheer fabric covered with sequins adds so much shine to the gown, making it so breathtaking and unique.

 The gown can be worn with or without the shoulder accents and comes in 3 versions, this being version 2 the formal, then there is the cocktail length and the mini.  Really you could wear them anywhere and stand out from the crowd in any version of this must have design from AlaFolie

 Another stunning design from Pixivor Allen of AlaFolie called Mica.  This spun gold enchanter is soft in color but bold in style!  The strapless tight fitting bodice accented with fur and fur stole, down to the gorgeous layered flair skirt with lace crinoline keeping the shape is amazing and moves like a dream while showing off your gorgeous legs.

The dress can be work with out the fur stole and is so elegant either way.  It comes with matching necklace, earrings, bracelet and shoes, a real bargain and could be worn to almost any event.  You will definitely be the Belle of the ball in the lovely Mica.  Pixivor has delivered a ravishing creation that has a touch of vintage glamor.

MOREA STYLE - Nolween in Black and White
 Nolween in Black and White is the latest from the inspirational Morea Decosta of Morea Style.  I have long been a big fan of Morea Style.  There is always something amazing to be seen from Morea, whether its glamorous gown, casual chic fashions or fun, flirty clothing!  This new outfit Nolween, can be added to Casual Chic. The stylish ruffle collared black silky bolero with the elbow length sleeves and it beautifully detailed halter strapped tight fitting bodice and open skirting, gracefully closed with a silky black bow and done with lovely white feather like lace and sheer black lace, that's skirt elegantly drapes over your hips, to the skinny silky black pants that fall and gather slightly at the ankle.

Nolween comes with this lovely matching black hand bag and can be dressed up with simple jewelry like some pearl rain bracelets from Mandala and I added a bit of a vintage touch with the lovely Parisian hair from Plume.  Anyway you dress it up, Nolween is a sublime outfit from Morea Style and a wardrobe must have!

AZUL - Louise in Turquoise

 This amazing gown comes to us created by the incredibly talented Mami Jewell for the Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant and was worn in a glorious Ruby by the lovely first runner up, Louise McWinnie, I really couldn't take my eyes off of the gown and how lovely it is.  It was recently released in a bevy of amazing colors and I chose to blog the turquoise.  This color reminds me of spring, after a long winter, this deep radiant color gives a spark of light to the fashions of the spring.  The gown is incredible in design, the bodice off the shoulder and open like a flower with perfectly sculpted petals that curve at the top and curl blooming with silken grace.  The dress is hip hugging until you get to the rich silk layers on the hip cascade down like petals and fall into the flared skirt that flows and moves gracefully with every step.  The dress is finished with silken turquoise gloves that add the last bit of elegance to this amazing dress.  Another winner for Azul!  It comes in several rich beautiful colors, Amethyst, Champagne, Onyx, Garnet, Ruby and Turquoise.  With gowns like this the spring and summer fashions from Azul are going to be colorful and fantastic, I will be the first in line to see what is next!

I chose not to accessorise this gown because I wanted to show off the elegance.  It could have some small dark pearls or simple diamonds to just add to the beauty.  My hair is from Damselfly and the skin is LAQ.


 The latest Avant Garde original from Fellini Couture called Checkmate.  I was in awe with this as soon as I saw it!  Such an original concept!  This artistic gown reminds me of Alice and wonderland!  Anytime the mad hatter could come for tea and the rabbit will be running in circles with his pocket watch and the queen of hearts completely jealous by this beautiful gown demanding your head!  I love how Joy sculpted Checkmates exquisite bell shaped skirt with points on the bottom that look like an upside down tulip with a chess board and intricate chess pieces ready to be played.  Adding elegance is the strapless heart shaped top and silky black gloves with a flared cuff just over the bend of the elbow.

The sculpted black and white hat and ornament at the waist are the magnificent! The layers of fabric melded together with the curls of gold, silver and black, jetting out and accessorized with small chess pieces.  The lovely design at the waist is ornate and whimsical, only drawing your attention long enough to figure out what your next move will be!  This fun and imaginative couture is the start of a wonderful season for Fellini Couture, I can't wait to see what comes next!  My hair is from W&Y's Model hair collection and the skin is LAQ.


 Another incredible flower inspired gown,  This one is called Eve from PurpleMoon.  I have to say I have really fallen in love with PurpleMoon and the designs of Poulet Koenkamp, I love how everything she makes has that element of vintage glamor with a hint of modern glamor.  This delicate green strapless is so elegant with its sheer green fabric layered over a light green satin. The intricate sculpted flowers on the hips are so detailed and and short petaled skirt that is worn alone or with the longer skirt that gracefully touches the floor.  The exquisite scarf wrapped around the neck with the sculpted flower and white sparkled netting, adding to the beauty.  The tight fitting gloves with the light feather trim.  Really absolutely gorgeous.

As you can see the dress is absolutely stunning long or short, the incredible detail in the short skirt is seen here and is almost pixie like in its style but so refined that it could be worn for almost any occasion.  Poulet is so creative, this is a definite must have!  The hair is a great match and is from W&Y Model's collection and is color change.  The skin is LAQ.

I will be adding more to this blog this week and featuring the fabulous Lillou Merlin of Lillou

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