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                                  TRIBUTE TO GREAT SL PHOTOGRAPHERS

I want to dedicate this blog to some of the amazing photographers of SL.
These amazing artists immortalize our images here with their creativity and unique approach to their craft.  Each one an individual and this shines through in the photo's they produce.  I would like to introduce you to a small sampling of these talented people that I have come across and have had some beautiful photos taken, all the ones in this blog for my Favorite Designers and Designs of 2010, have been taken by them.  Please visit their flikr sites that can are displayed here or on their profile's for those that have them listed.  You can see thier work on my flickr too at:
If you would like to see more of thier work and it isnt displayed IM them or me and I will gladly pass on what I have to view.

Nivo Questi - Fabulous photographer, talented artist, he also creates tattoo's, jewelry, he is very creative!  Nivo is my best friend and really one of the driving forces that got me into modeling, the first professional picture I had was taken by him and it is still one of my favorites, it is really beautiful!  I love the way he photographs, transforming each look into a stunning piece as his creative mind works around what he is doing at the moment.   I love that things come to him as he works on a photo, enhancing the image and truly capturing the beauty of them moment.  Nivo is a very generous man, he loves to take photo's really just for the love of it.  He is unique in his approach to what he charges for a photo, letting you see what he has done for you and naming your own price.  One of his favorite things to do is to capture a new person in SL and or someone who needs a profile picture and taking it for them just for fun!  You can really see his love for what he does in how he does it!  I truly feel privileged to know him, have had him as my teacher, teaching me photographic tricks and have been photographed by him.   Nivo's work is captured in the playful shot he did of me in Mimikri and GK, it shows off his humorous side!  And the G Fields, Stiletto Moody shot, just accenting the incredible outfit and one of my Favorite from Gems and Kisses, Fashion Rebel and Mimmi in gold and Fucsia  You can see some more of Nivo's wonderful work on my flickr page.

Keira is wearing Mimikri Cleo in Coffee, Bax Prestige Brown Boots
Gems and Kisses Chic in Bronze

        Keira in Gems and Kisses Miracle of Light Silver and Silver Luxury Bangles
Dress is by HOB

    Wearing Gems and Kisses Miracle of Light Silver and Silver Luxury Bangles
Dress is by HOB

     Keira in G Field's Mermaid Dress Layla    


Keira in Fashion Rebel from Gems and Kisses and Mimmi in Fuscia
Shoes are Scream of The Raptor from Violator

Pheobe Narstrom - Not only is this lovely lady one of the best stylists that I have met in SL, she is my good friend and partner in crime, she never ceases to amaze me!   she creates shapes, teaches modeling, models and has now revealed her amazing gift of Photography!  Pheobe owns Creative Spark Photography, Imaging and Graphics, approaches her work with an artistic component seeing the shots as an art piece and you can see this in these two photo's!  She approaches each look as individually as she is!  Pheobe not only does photos for models she does work for designers, takes pictures for shows, advertising.  She really is a multi faceted lady with the talent to do almost anything she sets her mind to!  She too is generous and is always willing to jump in to help others, wherever she is needed.  If your lucky enough to come across this amazing lady, be prepared to be added to her circle of friends and treated like royalty!  She took the gorgeous Utopia, Daphne shot and the playful Violator shot.

  Keira in Lady of the Wolves in Grey and Black from Violator, I have to say that this is one of Soraya's most beautiful designs, it is so futuristicly decident in design, formal and creative from the lavish head piece and matching accents of the head piece on the torso, to the beautiful black ruffled collar, sleeves and bottom of the fitted jacket, accenting the black leggings and bursting with a bit of flash with the silver accents and metal boots.  Soraya just nails futuristic Couture and this is so evident in this very strong piece.  I can really see this become the look of the future!  Great work Soraya!  You always amaze and awe!

   Keira in Daphne from Utopia and Stiletto Moody's Pump in Melot
Jewelry is Lotus in Pink from Mandala

Brody Muircastle- I met Brody when I was doing House of Beningborough contests.  I love his wonderful sense of humor, his passion for his work and really my portfolio started with Brody and we grew together in our crafts.  He has taken some very beautiful shots of me as Ive grown as a model!  Brody is very in tune to detail, he takes his time making sure he captures the perfect shot, suggesting ways to make a shot better, a different look maybe or just the right finishing touch to an outfit.  He always displays whatever the subject he is working on perfectly and adding his own special touches to make it unique.  He truly wants the shot to be perfect so that you succeed at whatever you are having the photo done for.  He works with his wife Trinidad Anatine on several projects, they own On Stage Studio's Photography, Poses and Textures.  Brody and Trin are  very generous people, they donated their time and resources to photograph and catalog all the models from the "Designing for Haiti" charity show and auction I co produced with Xavier Midal last year.  This was no small task as there were 20 designers and  about 60 models!  Brody is a very talented photographer and his work really speaks for itself!    Brody is a great friend and a major source of encouragement and support for me.   His wonderful work is showcased here in the very sexy Blacklace - Vollers outfit and my MVW Halloween styling challenge outfit from Utopia and Alienbear. Contact Brody today for a gorgeous picture, you will not be disappointed!

Keira wearing Electra from Utopia and Sivart Dark from Alienbear

Keira wearing Blacklace's Salacious in Navy, Volleirs Corset outfit
Jewelry is from Gabriel called Aphrodit in black

Keira wearing Blacklace's Salacious in Navy, Volleirs Corset outfit
Jewelry is from Gabriel called Aphrodit in black

Brody is also a very talented pose maker, you really need to check out his creative, original poses for photography, not only are they great, they are very reasonable! Visit his store at On Stage Studios in Azure Unicorn.  You can do this by visiting the Slurl 
He is also in the Pro Posers Hunt and you can get a free sample of his work, photo's and poses there, Visit Brody's Flickr, On Stage Studios Poses and Textures at

This Pose is Called On Stage Studio's and Poses: Pinned

This Pose is Called On Stage Studio's and Poses: Lean on Me
This is the pose that is in the Pro Pose hunt

Trinidad Anatine - This very talented lady has a lot of experience as one of SL's top photographers.  She works for Magazines, runs her and own photography studio, makes textures, builds.  She is very busy but for good reason, she is amazing!   I love how Trin captures your eyes, its like she can see deep into your soul and draw out what is inside you.  Her use of light and color and matching background are always perfect and she will create whatever setting  she can to make the shot perfect, whether its on location, or building a set, her a Brody work as a team, he creates the perfect pose to compliment what she needs to get the perfect combination.  She has a wonderful eye for style and works with the model to get the look perfect for the shot.  Her patience is astounding and she really goes out of her way to make every photo something you would be proud to hand in to a casting, contest or post in your profile or hang on your wall as art.  Trin is a great friend, she is one of the most amazing people I know in SL, truly her and Brody are two of a kind, wonderful, genuine and talented!  Trin's stunning work can be seen in the Simone Hollywood gown, capturing a very sexy vintage look and my MVW Swimsuit by Callie Cline, almost looking like she caught me during the competion in a very serene moment, just incredible Trin!  You can see Trins work on her Flicker at

Keira in Simone's Hollywood and G&K's Eros in Red and Silver

Keira in MVW Swimsuit by Callie Cline, Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren Gold
Jewelry is Three Leaves by Gems and Kisses Exclusive make for Me for MVW

Aside from being an amazing Photographer, Trin makes textures that are astounding.  She uses her eye and talents to create these works of art that can be used as backgrounds for you photos or whatever else your creativity calls for.  These are from her grunge collection.

CindyS Tatham - Lovely, lovely Cindy!  She is so wonderful!  Her amazing photography can be seen in many places in SL!  She too is multi talented, modeling and building as well as photography and I believe making clothing too!  CindyS's Photos are such works of art if you look at her Flikr site you will see some of the beautiful work!  CindyS lends her creativity to designers, models, invitations, family photo's, couples, fashion shows and so much more.  With each genre she melds perfectly and turns out something unique and creative with her signature touch that you see with every photo she does and others know that CindyS has taken your photo!  Cindy too has a big heart, she is always there to help out wherever needed, working tirelessly for causes that touch her heart or to help out friends. She is truly a down to earth, beautiful person.   I love the way Cindy takes her time finding the perfect lighting or scene to capture your look, making sure every prim is in place and you look amazing before snapping her shots.  Then she happily retreats to PS and works until the photo is perfect!  This lovely lady is also a very successful Model and has a great eye for style!  CindyS's beautiful work can be seen in the Double Bubble gown from Callie Cline, the stunning Precious Stones gown from Joy Fellini and the amazing Ayame from Purplemoon.

Keira is wearing Double Bubble and Diamond Jewelry collection from Callie Cline

Keira is wearing Precious Stones from Fellini Couture and Bare Judy Black by Stiletto Moody
Jewelry Night of Elegance choker and Snake Bracelets in Black by G&K
Nails are Takara in black by Mandala

Wearing Amaye in Plum from Purple moon and Amaye Necklace in Gold and Plum

Wearing Amaye in Plum from Purple moon and Amaye Necklace in Gold and Plum

Berto Firanelli - I have just recently met Berto when I was fortunate enough to have an amazing National Costume for MVW made by the incredible Son!a.  Berto is her photographer and after a few minutes with him and his lovely assistant Julietta, who own Creative Photographic Imaging and  I could see why!   Berto's shot of my MVW National Costume can be seen in BeStyle Magazine this month. It is absolutely one of my favorite pictures!  Berto can look at an outfit, pick a background that melds with that outfit perfectly, and create the most amazing picture!  He takes his time, perfectly angling the pose to get that amazing shot.  He checks and double checks to make sure its perfect and always asks your opinion and what you would like to see but really I leave it up to him, as he gets it perfectly every time!  Contact his lovely, talented assistant Julietta Jonson to make an appointment and to talk over the look you want for your photo's, they work so well as a team!  He has done several things for me lately including the amazing shots you see here for Son!a, my MVW Tres Beau, Meet the Press outfit called Katina, Sascha's Rocker Chic and Bliss Couture's Camryn and my contest entry for Mohna Lisa Couture called Hollywood nights special holiday edition .  You can View more of his amazing work on his flickr site at

 I am wearing the Canadian National Costume Son!a made for me for MVW
Angel collar Necklace from Son!a and my shoes are Paris Roses from Taboo
This photo was featured in BESTYLE Mag for January 2011

 I am wearing the Canadian National Costume Son!a made for me for MVW
Angel collar Necklace from Son!a, Earrings are Femme in Silver from Gems & Kisses

Wearing Katina from Tres Beau and Gems and Kisses Classical Chic

Wearing Camryn from Bliss Couture and Jewery from Alchemy Immortal
called Ami Amet Deli Pencet

Wearing Katina from Tres Beau and Gems and Kisses Classical Chic
This was for MVW Meet the Press and Styling contest so we were allowed
to modify a bit and add pieces for the original see Tres Beau

Keira is wearing Rocker Chic from Sascha, Stiletto Moody Judy Bare in Black
Mandala Monica Earrings in Black and Silver and Takara Metal and Silver Bracelets and Nails

Contest Photo for Mohna Lisa Couture wearing Hollywood nights special holiday edition
Jewelry is Gabriel Aphrodit in black

Marissa Bruun - Marissa is a wonderful photographer, her photo's are lively, colorful, beautiful.  This multi-talented lady is a model, and agency owner, a photographer and Im sure she will add many more things to her very creative list!  She is always upbeat and looking for  creative background, scene to take photos and when the idea blossoms she goes for it!  I was so thrilled to see the amazing head shot she did for me wearing Gems, Classical Chic and Kisses and Meghindo's Lenior in blue.  I look forward to working more with her in the near future!  You can see more of her great talent on her flickr site at:

Keira is wearing Gems and Kisses Classical Chic original and
Meghindo's Lenoir in Blue

Valeria Endrizzi - Valeria is a very popular photographer in SL, it is wonderful to be able to get into see her and have a photo done.  This busy lady does alot in SL including modeling, styling, instructing in photography, photography and blogging!  I was lucky to have Val take a beautiful Picture for me in one of my favorite outfits from Donna Flora an original outfit for the CFC Auction Called Velvet in pink and the beautiful Mayur jewelry from Alienbear.  She really captured the essence of my favorite look which is vintage and I think it looks like it could be a vintage add!  You can see more of Valeria's work on her flickr at and her blog at:

Keira is wearing Velvet from Donna Flora and Mayur in black from Alienbear

Angel Freschi - I just met Angel a couple of weeks ago when I was advertising the new Miss Gems and Kisses 2011 contest, she asked if she could join the list of photographer suggestions I put out to help people find photographers, if they didn't have one already.  I had her take a picture for me and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Im so thrilled she IM'd me so that I could experience first hand her incredible talent!  She loves photography!  This so shows in her work, a little piece of her becomes part of her art!  She perfects her photos even if it means she stays up all night lost in her work!  She took a lovely picture for me in one of my favorite Son!a gowns - Elite 2 in Chocolate, and brought out the beautiful colors and satin look of the gown, it looks like you can just reach out and touch it!  You can see more of her work on her flickr at:

Keira is Wearing Son!a's Elite 2 in Chocolate and
Jewery from Alchemy Immortal called Ami Amet Deli Pencet

I couldnt let a photo of some of these amazing designers go by so I photographed the last few myself, and I am definately no where near the caliber of these amazing photographers but alot of them have been my teachers, instructing me on lighting, choosing a background, what to look for in a pose and how to crop and resize and so much more.  I am still learning but wanted to add these as an example of what they have taught me.

 Keira is wearing Azul Ingrid in Teal, Jewelry is
G&K Night of Elegance and ring Paris Plat and Black

 Keira is wearing Meghindo's Sterio in Black and Jewelry is
Mandala Lotus in White

 Keira is Wearing Trashy Girls in Style LaBelle Blue, Meghindo's Turquoise Diamond
Wings and Stiletto Moody's Bare Susan in Robin Blue, Jewelry is
G&K Mimmi in Platinum and Blue

 Keira is Wearing Trashy Girls in Style LaBelle Blue, Meghindo's Turquoise Diamond
Wings and Stiletto Moody's Bare Susan in Robin Blue, Jewelry is
G&K Mimmi in Platinum and Blue

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