Friday, April 1, 2011


I have long been a fan of the amazing Gems & Kisses and the beautiful, talented, artist Deliziosa Vendetta, who I am honored to call my friend and a great fashion mentor for me .  From the moment I walked in the door and starting working at G&K when the first store opened.  I could see the special qualities of Gems and Kisses, the attention to detail, how absolutely lovely the jewelry was and a real ground breaking original style, quality and creativity in Jewelry making in SL.  One just has to meet Dely to fall in love with her passion and spark of  ingenuity for her designs.  She is sweet and humble, and really believes in her convictions, friends and staff, she is a constant source of encouragement and support to all of us.  She gets so excited when she creates a new piece, really like a child of hers is born and each is as individual and spectacular as she is!  Her flair for creating the new and innovative items is incredible, from Haute Couture, Avant Garde, to Classics and Casual she leads the way in introducing SL to all the possibilities of the imagination and her heart and soul in everything she does! 

I will now introduce some of the new Valentines line and you can see the love and passion in this latest line fueled by a new marriage of 5 months and baby on the way for Deliziosa and her true love Logan.  She has found happiness and so much joy with herself, her love, and her new found passion for the art of Katana, opening a new school to teach this amazing art.  Here is Valentine's Collection 2011 from Gems & Kisses

This lovely piece is called Antique Passion, the shiny gold is just amazing and is set off by the incredible designs from the intricate hanging earrings, lavished with colorful gems to the bracelets and matching necklace.  This is such a Haute Piece and is available in Platinum as well as gold and all the gems are color change with 10 incredible bold and lively colors that will leave you looking stunning ready for anything!  Show your Passion with Antique Passion from Gems & Kisses.

My favorite new piece!  Ladybugs in gold and platinum.  I call them love bugs because their little annteni have hearts.  They are so cute, lovable and incredibly crafted, gracing your ears and neck with their perfect red, gold accents, black dots, studded black accents and little black eyes wrapped in gold.  They are the perfect gift for someone you love and show them they are your one and only!

This very sexy Collar and Bracelet sets called Kitty is sold separately and available in gold and platinum, and are color change with the 10 signature bold colors.  The sexy studs and locked heart is the perfect gift for you special pet, so luxurious and personal, its a very Avant Garde Piece that is a must have! 

Romantique from Gems & Kisses.  This just says it all a lovely heart suspended in gold from the ears and neck, wearing your heart around her neck.  This lovely set is available in gold and platinum and is color change with the signature bold, beautiful colors so she never has to take off the gift of your love!  So romantic and special for Valentine's day or any day you want to give a token of your love!

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