Friday, February 25, 2011


I have been asked so many times in SL by new models if they should do nudes.  So many are afraid it will ruin their career to have themselves exposed this way.  There are the right kind of nude shots and the wrong kind, just like RL.  I personally believe that the body is beautiful and it should be shown tastefully.  If you model yes sometimes you have to be nude, if you are working with skins and shapes, full body tattoos, some designers have topless outfits or wide open tops or even see through that you may have to wear modeling in a show or for vendor boards.  Really this is a personal choice and one that I struggled with too at the beginning but I'm not afraid to show my body for art and for something I believe in.  My beautiful sister Shaylah has been the subject of my art at times, trying to learn how to capture that beautiful picture, a shape I have made and want to photograph.  She loves to be nude, has no inhibitions, something I truly wish I did! She has agreed to let me post some of these so that you can see, nude can be and is beautiful.  Shaylah wears a Dream Ink Skin and I made her shape.  It really is a gorgeous skin, she is so lovely you can see how taking these tasteful nudes just add to her repertoire. 

 Tree Fairy

 Asleep in the Hay ( My Favorite!)

Water Nymph

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