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Once again the generous fashion community is getting together to have a fund raiser for Japan.  These amazing people have tirelessly given their time, creativity and hearts to support the disaster relief in Japan. The event starts today and carries through to the 29th of May. I am going to post the information from their Note Card sent out and I will be blogging the amazing designs that will be available exclusively for this event.  This information is for Designers and all who would like to participate and those that would like to go and purchase or donate to this very much needed relief fund.

"<-----------------------------------************************************** ---------------------------------------------->                   
                                                                             Japan Relief Fundraiser
                                                          ~When all else is lost, the future still remains~
                                                   ~Officially approved event by Americares Organizaion~
     On March 11, 2011, at 14:46pm (JPT), a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the north-east coast of Japan, followed by a 124.3-foot wall of Tsunami. The quake and the tsunami crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where radiation began to leak to air and water. As of April 14, the official death toll has been raised to more than 13,000, with more than 15,000 listed as missing, more than 190,000 people have lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters.
      With the official approval by AmeriCares, Ji Nirvana and myself (Serene Faith), are organizing a fundraising event, Japan Relief Fundraiser (JRF), humbly reaching out to SL content creators and entertainers, to join us, to help us help Japan.

     Below are detailed information:
     *Event Period:
       May 14 (Sat) - May 29 (Sun)
     *Store Size and Price:
                -Large (100 prims): L$1,500
                -Medium (50 prims) L$1,000
                -Small (20 prims): L$500
        Please note that 100% of the store cost will be donated to Americares.
        This can be paid at the set-up time through donation boxes or directly to JRF avatar (SLCharityFundraising).
        *All sales vendors will be setup with a split script:
                75% - Americares
                25% - Creator
        (ONE unique item will be 100% - NO SPLIT - see below *Items)
        Script will be provided to the creator by us.
        They are set to split the sales between you and "Japan Relief Fundraiser".
        The script will allow the purchaser to choose an amount.
        There will be a minimum amount that the creator decides.
        But the purchaser can also choose to pay more should he/she wish to do so.
        We ask all creators to design/create ONE unique item to this event only.
        If using existing item, please make them EXCLUSIVE with a new color.
        We also ask that this ONE item will be 100% donated to Americares.
        This ONE item will NOT be split.
       *SLCharityFundraising Avatar:
       A brand new account with the name of SLCharityFundraising has been created for this event.
       All transactions will go through SLCharityFundraising account.
       All transaction history will be publicized on "Japan Relief Fundraiser" blog.
       100% of donations will be donated to Americares and all transactions will be released to the public.
       We have created a blog for JRF:
       All transaction history, participating creator names, raised amount, schedules, and anything related to JRF,
       will be posted on the blog for the public to see and follow.
       *Long-Term Donation Program:
       Our goal is to have a 2 weeks event but also to be able to continue the donations for a long term.
       We would like to continue to support Japan as long as possible.
       We would like to humbly ask creators to continue to provide this ONE unique item,
       at 100% for Americares donation, to be set up in your store even after the 2 weeks event, indefinitely.
       Please note that the Long-Term item (same as the unique item) vendor,
       is not an obligation to join the charity.
       We respect your choice, whether you would like to continue after the 2 weeks or not.
        *Donation Boxes:
        Donation boxes will be available throughout the sim.
        Donation kiosks will also be available for creators to set up at their main stores.
       Throughout the event, live DJs and entertainers will be scheduled to perform on a separate sim to avoid lag,
        but will be broadcast on JRF sim as well.
       Should you know anyone who would be interested performing, please let us know.
       The sim was generously donated by RGF Estates for us to use for this charity.

       *Who can participate:
       We are asking designers of clothing, skin, shoes, hair, jewelry, poses and other accessories to join.
       Artists are welcome as well to sell their photography and art collections.
       Entertainers, such as dance crew, DJ, singers and musicians are welcome too.
       *Additional Questions:
       Please IM Ji Nirvana or Serene Faith for further questions and inquiries.
       Japan Relief Fundraiser
       Ji Nirvana
       Serene Faith
       Team Members:
       Mimmi Boa
       Miaa Rebane
       Carilynn Ohare
       Darling Tomorrow"

AZUL Esperanca/Egretta Red

The incredibly talented and creative Mami Jewell of Azul has put together this beautiful gown for JRF.  A stunning tight fitting, low cut, sweetheart neckline, Strapless top, flowing into a full length gown.  The red is such a beautiful summer red, bright and playful.  The waist which is adorned with a gorgeous rose bustle that falls at an angle from waist to hip is adorned with an organza flourish that flows out from the hips in soft layers and delicately falls behind and to the sides.

 You can see how the amazing bustle flows in the back as you move in this gown, and then settles as you stop, combining with the rest of the floor length skirting to make a truly one of a kind gown.  It is so delicate and gentle. Like a whisper.

The Detailing in the roses is beautiful with the array of colors dark in the middle and then slowly fading as the rose blooms.  I accessorised with hair from Plume called Sakura and Earrings and a necklace from G&K's Princess line in vivid red and silver.  A true beauty from Mami of Azul, go down to JRF and purchase yours today and support the relief efforts taking place for all those in need in Japan.

PURPLEMOON - Lady Dragon

 Poulet Koenkamp of Purplemoon adds Lady Dragon to JRF.  This gown is just incredible, the detail, beauty and creativity are astounding.  A long black gown that is flared up and the bottom and trimmed with gold tassels, long black gloves a black hood and colorful shawl that is also trimmed with gold fringe.

 You can see the detailing in the beautiful Shawl, the orange, reds, greens and golds in the trims, flowers and dragon.  I accessorized with Falling leaves bracelet and earrings from Earthstones and beautiful Eye make up from OhOhUp called Potpourri in Yellow.

As you turn you get the full effect of this stunning work, the amazing dragon that is embroidered on the back of the gown, the hood and around the shawl, the gold fringe enhancing its beauty and artful creation.  This is beautiful work from the very talented Poulet.  Please visit JRF and purchase this stunning gown and support the people of Japan.


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