Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was in the Vero Modero show on the weekend and was given a LaCrima Skin to wear, designed by the very talented creator, Sarai Saphir.  Normally I'm an LAQ girl, but I have really fallen for the LaCrima skins.  Just a small shop, there are just a few choices really making them so exclusive.  I wandered through and tried them on just marveling at the beautiful coloring and styles.  This really is a store you must visit and at 900L a skin, they fall within the norm of SL skin prices, fat packs at around 2800L for 11-13 different skins and goodies included with the skins.  The newest skin is called Julie and it was featured in Avenue Mag for June 2011.  I have a feeling that we are going to see more from this very talented skin designer in the near future and LaCrima will be in your top 5 must have skins!  I will show you every make up in the Julie line as well as some shots with the shape that comes with Julie. Most of the shots are with my shape.   I put on many different hair styles and colors to show you how incredible this skin fits with any hair style and color. Go to LaCrima today and try on these beautiful skins, they truly are so worth it!


All the backgrounds are courtesy of PNP, they have amazing backgrounds at incredible prices!  Go have a look and get some today for all you photo needs.  They have great poses for models, photos, couples and so much more.  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Phoenix%20Determined/76/186/1102


 The first thing my eye was drawn to as I wore Julie was the incredible skin color.  This is light and she comes in many shade but I loved how the light hinted at a bit of sun.  The natural face make up is beautiful as is the tones and highlights in the face.  This is Julie M1.

 The next thing that caught my eye was the highlighted portions of the skin making it beautiful for lingerie and bathing suit shots.  The sheen in the legs, tummy and forehead give a beautiful lighting effect that I thought made photos amazing.

Even, perfect coloring all the way around.  I would be very comfortable and confident wearing Julie in any photo shoot, show, modeling event, as well as my everyday skin.  You can see the incredible detail that Sarai puts into her skins, everyone beautifully crafted to fit your style perfectly.  The next make ups I have taken on a plain background so that you can focus on these details in this gorgeous skin.

M2 a beautiful earthy make up, perfectly gentle colors from Sarai of LaCrima Skins, Julie is just incredible!

M3, nice soft pink looks so beautiful with the blonde, just natural, soft, lovely!

M4 I love the purples Sarai uses, so soft on the eyes and more dominant on the lips for a fun look

M5 Another gorgeous natural look the cheek make up perfectly blended looks amazing with the Auburn hair.

M6 See how the skin tone in these lovely skins from LaCrima can blend so well with any hair color?  I find that its so hard to create a beautiful red head look but really with this skin its so easy!

M7 this make up is so pretty, like an iced coffee, it works perfect with the brunette.

M8 Even putting darker hair on, which usually tends to wash you out a bit with out the right skin tones is a perfect match on Julie from LaCrima.

M9 I really love the mauve lips on this skin, Sarai chooses the perfect shades, if you buy the fat pack you have all the lovely colors you would need and you don't have to worry about trying to layer tattoo layers.

M10 there is just a slight green eye shadow with the enhanced natural lip color, it looks so sophisticated.

M11 The make up running from tears is perfectly done, its not to much, I think its a beautiful look, natural and inspired.

 M12 Perfect make up shades and the tear streaked make up again so unique on the one eye, more predominant than the two eyes, this look could be used for so many things!

M13 We come to the final skin in the Julie pack, this one is so lovely, you can almost see that tear start and trace its way down the cheek, you still look stunning sad, I think this would make peoples hearts melt!

Julie comes with her own shape, that is really lovely, I love, love the make up streaked skins with this shape, she looks so elegant even when looking sad.
The proportions in the body shape are really great, perfect bikini shape for sure!

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