Saturday, August 27, 2011


There was an exciting fashion show today at Farouche featuring the very creative, amazing designs of Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero!

All the backgrounds are courtasy of PNP and come from the Cyber town, By the Sea, Sunsets pks. They have amazing Runway poses, backgrounds, couples poses you need to check them out!


 This incredible unisex outfit is called Masq Set in Black.  Very stylish from its folded collar black leather jacket that falls down to the hips where it meets the knee length skirt that is highlighted by a studded silver and black belt.  Finishing off the outfit are ankle length tights.  I wore this with knee length boots, that give it a dressed up look you could wear out clubbing.

I love the chic jacket and studded hip belt that is so versatile, this outfit would look great on a guy too as a casual or club look.  Great styles from Vero Modero.


 Nero Man, this sexy unisex outfit was featured in the show. So Avant Garde and futuristic!  The black top with silver accents, has a high full collar, spiked shoulders and off set button.  The top is open and revealing at the bust, I added a black bikini top to accentute the look. The long boot cut pants are slim and sexy. 

 The wrist cuffs are cut diagonally at opposite angles, giving this a tough, sexy look. The overall outfit is perfect for a girl or guy, giving them a unique style.  Nero Man from Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero.

I hope you enjoyed the amazing styles featured in the Farouch show!  

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