Sunday, June 3, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone!  Today we will be looking at some great designs from EB Atelier, *Stars*Fashion* and 24 Shoo Shoes!  You will love some of the cute things out this week from these fabulous designers and I will list thier SLURLS so you can shop shop shop!

EB Atelier


24 Shoo Shoes


The lovely Nina2, this gauzy, yummy pink creation is so beautiful!  Emyy also has jewelry that goes with the gown called Nina2 and it comes in silver and gold.  I love this daring dress, its very open pink top down to the long layered full skirt, matched with Nina in silver necklace, bangles and earrings.  The great thing about EB Ateleir is that Emyy gives you lots of choices and styles with every outfit.

As you can see here, you can go from the ballroom skirt to a long more fitted look, either just as gorgeous for a formal occasion.

Then you can move to a little mini, slit on the side and go from ballroom to clubbing!  I am now wearing Nina2 Jewelry in gold and their is a hip clip and also one that goes on the back.  I have on 24 Shoo's no.27 in platinum and it looks amazing with the short as well as the long gowns. I styled with hair from Osmose called Argentina in Golden and nails from Le Boheme.


Such a stunning shoe!  The criss cross design is so flattering to the foot and calf, the very slim heel that 24 Shoo is so famous for is sexy and the shoe bottoms are unique and stylish

You can wear these heels with just about anything, they are perfect for a summer wardrobe and with the huds, the skin and toe nail colors are endless and perfect for any skin or wardrobe color you choose.


Pricilla is so sexy, it is sheer on top and has a vibrant skirt that is complimentary of all the gorgeous colors found throughout the dress, it sparkles and is perfect for an evening of clubbing!  I am wearing the Carlotta necklace and Bracelet and 24 Shoo Shoes No. 28 Gold.  My hair is from Osmose and nails from Le Boheme.


I don't think its possible for me to love shoes anymore than I love 24 Shoo!  N0.28 are so lovely, they make you look so feminine and sexy, the sheer black ruffle accented with gold and gold pearls that wrap around the leg are just stunning!

The focus will be on your perfectly manicured toes and feet in these amazing shoes, the gold heel with unique design, shines and makes your feet look elegant.  You definitely need a pair in every color!


This sexy little street Chic number is fun, flirty and naughty!  Again it can be worn many ways, with different tops, lengths of tops and skirts, the jacket can be a vest and the skirt can be so tiny its scandalous!  The wide red belt ties everything together and accents this outfit perfectly, anyway you wear it!  Olimpia is so detailed from the jacket to the very open tops to the tiny skirt, its just so cute!  I styled this version with hair and hat from Red Queen( RQ), sexy shoes from 24 Shoo Shoes No. 20 and nails from Le Boheme.

I switched the look up this time turning the jacket into a vest and wearing the lingerie top and necklace that goes with the outfit, so sexy!  My hair if from Anyway you slice it Olimpia is a very cute outfit and great for that bad girl look!


Intricate and delicate pattern on this shoe makes it so lovely, it is like lace almost, something done by hand with such love, care and attention to detail, accented with the wide band on top and the little embroidered loops that look like they hold the shoe together.

Again you see the beautiful slim heel and more of the detailing in the shoe, really beautiful work from 2408 Alekseev of 24 Shoo Shoes.


I love the fit of Carlotta, its so sexy, the skirt fits like a belly dancing skirt, low on the hips, the low scooped top and fabulous metallic colors finish off this little two piece.  Carlotta has inspired jewelry as well, a dolphin necklace, mouth ring a chain that fits the front and back around the hips.  She also makes a gorgeous pair of gold sandals called DEA, you really get a beautiful complete look for such a great deal!


An Inspiration for sure!  This outfit is fun Street Chic and ready to go!  The dark worn skinny jeans with belt, the red and black tank under a black jean jacket with flipped collar.  The boots accent the outfit just perfectly!  I styled with bracelets from PM, color change hoops, nails from Le Boheme and hair from EMO-tions.  This is a great outfit for you bad girl image!


I love this sexy little dress from *Stars*Fashions*  It is called Rainbow and is available in Gold which I am wearing, Grey, Red and Violet.  It is off one shoulder and accented with a golden ruffle, a wide gold waist band and a very short mini and wouldn't be complete without the sexy gold trimmed stockings and gold trimmed satin gloves the go to the elbow.  You can wear this casual or dress it up for a semi casual evening.  I styled with hair from Exile, Bax ankle boots and Chen Earrings and Bracelets from G&K.

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