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This is a great skin and shape maker!  I have had a couple in my inventory for awhile that I love to wear and am happy that I get to blog this designer and some of her new shapes and skins.  When I'm not modeling I love to experiment with different looks and look for different skins to play with.  Though ssometimes I will incorporate a fun new look in a show to accent an outfit and some of these skins I would definitely wear.  There are some great shapes to lots of glorious curves!!!  Some of these shapes are great with other skins too so in this I tried to give a variety of choices for you to look at, I hope you enjoy!  Also you will see some of the poses I used are from Swedish Style as well as eyelashes, she makes clothing and photo systems too,  Charlotte Calael is a very talented lady!  Look on market place and see some that she has styled the are gorgeous!


Callidora Skin
Skin Callidora from Swedish Style
Shape Swedish Style Callista Slim1
Pasties - Son!a
Bikini bottom - SL Bikini Silver
Hair - Lamb - Lost - ink
Eyes Vassina Surreal 9 Green
Eyelashes Glow Innocent - Intensive
Shoes - Stiletto Moody - Elegant Slingback Silver Twinkle

 look at the curves and the amazing behind!!! OMG I wish mine looked like that lol!  What I love is that this is a slim shape and it still has gorgeous curves!  It very well done!

I love this skin's make up and the color of the skin, its a cross between a peach and tan but not orange at all.  There is really nice detailing and consistent coloring.


Canaan Swedish Style Skin
Skin Canaan Swedish Style Skin
Shape Callista Swedish style skin
Eyelashes - Swedish Style - Lashes
Eyes Vassina Surreal 9 Green
Hair Beautiful Dirty Rich - Moonlight hair black II
Outfit - KLETVA-YPT Bodysuit / TDR Blue
Shoes Eternity from Ivanka Akina in black

This is another fun skin from Swedish, the open mouth and vintage look.  I paired it with the same shape as the one above and the outfit a whimsical look.  I thought it had a bit of a burlesque appeal.


 Skin Lara Hurley - Aimee Smokey 1 - Nude lips pale
Cleavage - Lara Hurley pale
Shape Callista - Swedish Style
Hair - Truth - Leighton - Cocoa
Eyes Vassnia - Surreal 9 Green eyes
Lipstick ID Blood Red
Eyelashes - Glow Studio - Innocent - Intensive
Bathing Suit - TGIS - Cutout Swimsuit - Black Floral
Shoes - N-Core Classic Stiletto
Poses far away Swedish Style - Model pose 11
Pose Close swedish Style - Model Pose 12

I paired the Callista Shape that I used with the Swedish Style skins with one from Lara Hurley.  I love vintage looks and this skin with this shape really has that look.  The big eyes, the plump defined lips.  Very versatile shape from Swedish Skins!  Very nice modeling photo poses too!

 Chimayi Shape
Skin is LeLutka - IFEpale-makeup3(D Brows)
Shape is Swedish Style - Chimayi Shape
Dress - Biastice - Malika - Dark scarlet
Eyelashes - Swedish Style - Lashes
Eyes Vassina Surreal 9 Green
Hair - Exile Dina/Chocolate mix exclusive to TDR
shoes Eternity from Ivanka Akina in black

 Eyelashes - Swedish Style - Lashes
I love how this shape looks with LeLutka skins, it is such a glamorous face!  The nice curvy, short body, it is definitely a great face for those high fashion looks!

 Eyelashes are Swedish Style Love Lashes

Lashes are Swedish Style Drama Lashes


 Skin - Cupcakes Enchanted Sienna
Dress- Azul Group gift
Shoes Zhao Tesla
Eyes Vassnia Surreal Green
Shape - Camie from Swedish Style
Eyebrows - Camie From Swedish Style
Hair is ::69:: OMNIA - Plush brown
Lipstick is ID Creamy lipstick - Earth
Model pin up pose 009 from Swedish Style

Very curvy shape, love the faces that charlotte Calael, Cupcakes are great for this shape

The shape of the eyes are lovely, she also does a perfect nose!


Skin - Glam Affair - Nina
Shape Swedish Style - Colleen
Hair - Truth - Kami - Driftwood
Eyes - HD - Super Realistic new eyes series 06
Eyelashes - Glow Studio - Innocent - Intensive
Dress - Kunglers TDRB #5
Shoes - N-Core Temptation XtremeHeel II Pearl
Close up shot Swedish style model pose 17
far away shot  Swedish style model pose 12 

This face is definitely unique and with Glam Affair it looks so great really more of a natural look and a bit of a longer torso gives the body a bit of length but keeps it at a normal height.  Again I used poses from her model and pin up selection, really cute~

So Swedish Style is changing its name to Calael and right now you can only find the items on market place, but they really are worth the look and try, you will find some great things made by Charlotte Calael.

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