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OK so most of you know that we are going to be on day 3 of this fabulous gifting month in celebration of Gems & Kisses 2nd Anniversary.  I am proud to say, there has been a lot of activity in Gems & Kisses and people are loving the beautiful Gifts that are given out.  Don't worry if you missed the first 2 days you can purchase them for a very low price, I missed day one and was proud to pay 299L only for the beautiful necklace that was gifted.  Also if you like both gold and Platinum you can get one as a gift and purchase the other, really have an amazing assortment of jewelry to compliment any outfit.  There is also a hunt going on called the Evil Bunny Hunt, so grab the Info on the wall at G&K and hunt for another fabulous prize!

Here are the prizes so far

Day 1

Keep in mind these are color change!  A real amazing deal!

Day 2

Matching Earrings for Day 1!  Again you have beautiful choices of colors!

Day 3

Aren't I a Stinker!!!! Happy day 3!

So you know day 3 was amazing!  Beautiful necklaces!  The beautiful detail and color change!

Then today, Day 4 with the stunning matching earrings!  Are we getting spoiled or what!!!  Wait until day 5 all I'm going to tell you is its another beautiful piece of Jewelry that you can wear very close to your face!!!  Enjoy!

Day 5 beautiful earrings, color change!

Day 6 incredible design, so unique and color change!

Deliziosa also put out some lovely designs for just 19L each!!!  She is just spoiling us with amazing gifts!

These beauties were available in gold and platinum for 19L each!!! Unbelievable!

Matching Earrings for Day 6!  Again this beautiful set is color change, wow!  I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!

Now for the amazing set that is only available until the 150 of each run out in Black and Red, these are a must have and I can't believe only 139L Each!!! Wow!  Couture of this amazing quality for 139L!

I ran and got mine, run!!! Before they are gone!

Beautiful Bracelets, wow I think this is the begining of an amazing set to come!

Matching color change earrings for those very lovely, bracelets from day 8!

Rawr!  These collars are so sexy!  Oh and did you know, a GK Fact that G&K are now making collars in collaboration with Xcite, making them very interactive!!! Congrats G&K!!!

The final touch in this set a gorgeous necklace to match all these beautiful goodies from the last few days!  Dely you just keep us coming back for more!  I can' t wait for day 12!  Can you?


beautiful color change drop earrings!
Day 12 ALERT!  These are so fabulous, make sure you get them early!!!

 Day 13

 Matching Color change Bracelet to go with those gorgeous earrings!

Day 14

 Look at the detail in this fabulous color change choker!

Day 15

 Love these Color change drop earrings!!!!

Day 16

 Another gorgeous necklace!

Day 17

 These color change earrings are so unique and fun!

 Day 18

 Matching color change necklace!

Day 19

 This is one of my favorites!  I cant wait to see more of this set!  I love bracelets!

Day 20

 Matching Choker!!!  I love all the fabulous sets!

Day 21

 Second Bracelet choice and really an amazing deal for group members!  One Free the next only 99L OMG!

Day 22

 I am loving how these color change sets can mix and match!!

Day 23

 Very lovely modern color change necklace!

Day 24

 Matching earrings, color change of course!

Day 25

 I love these earrings!  They are so simple yet just amazing!

Day 26

 I have so many outfits I can think of to wear with this lovely Choker!

Day 27

 Matching Bracelet, color change and so chic!

Day 28

 Love, Love these fabulous color change earrings

Day 29

 This Choker is so eygptian looking, this set is going to be amazing!

Day 30

 You could jazz up a simple black cocktail dress with this amazing set and look so Chic!

We are getting very close to the end and it has been such an amazing month of gifts, and deals at G&K,  the inspiration to create 31 specific pieces for this has been amazing, Deliziosa has not failed to tempt and excite us with her stunning creations!  I so hope you all have enjoyed these beautiful, versatile gifts as much as I have!  What an amazing gift we have been given this last month, we have been spoiled!!! Thank you G&K~!

It is an exciting time at Gems and Kisses!  Out 2nd Anniversary is coming up, we have a fabulous new group and some amazing gifts, in fact to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Gems and Kisses you need to either join the Gems and Kisses group or our new Gems and Kisses Loves Models Group, this new group offers many perks and amazing deals and steals!  

You have to be invited to the group so please IM myself, Keira Soulstar or StarliteStarbrite Constellation, Lulu Breuer, Federica Galtier, Christian Claridge, Blossom Sweetwater, Ranini Farella, Pheobe Narstrom or Janina Scarmon   if your interested and if you sign up before April first you get a new joiner gift valued at 1000L, just for joining!

Here is the information you need and a sneak peek at some of the items that will be available on this 31 gifts of 31 days. 

Gems & Kisses Couture
31 Gifts in 31 Days

The Gems & Kisses Couture second anniversary is coming May 1st and we are pleased to announce a special Gems & Kisses Couture anniversary event for the entire month of April.
This is an event unprecedented in the history of Gems & Kisses Couture. Starting April 1st, Gems & Kisses Couture will be offering 30 days of NEW creations at a rate of one per day.  Each creation comes in 2 variations: gold and platinum.  One version will be given FREE, the other will be offered at a special price. The items will change each day and the great discount will only apply to the item the day it is introduced.  Afterwards, a new item will be introduced and the previous item will placed at the normal price.  So it's important to act quickly in order to take advantage of the specials for each of the 30 days.
What do you need to do?  Due to vendor script limitations you MUST be registered to either the Gems & Kisses group for customers or the Gems & Kisses Loves Models group for the modeling community in SL in order to take advantage of this promotion.  There will be two sets of vendors at GK, one set for each group.  Make sure you are registered with either of those groups and spread the word to anyone else that you know who might be interested in taking part in this one of a kind event!

Oh and if you Have'nt been to G&K lately you must see the new amazing Couture that Deliziosa is creating!  It is really fabulous and a must have! Here is a tease of one of the outfits!

The incredible Tokyo in Blue! From Gems & Kisses

The first of many new designs to come, there are other stunning colors of this Avant Garde masterpiece, perfectly crafted and truly one of a kind!

Wishing you well,
The Gems & Kisses Couture Staff

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