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Totally Random is such a great place!  The designer and creator Noveen Benoir, or Novey as she prefers, has grown so much in her talent and content for her amazing little shop!  Not only is she a very talented designer, she is a great person!  I have heard that she has supplied people that have lost their inventory, with outfits without cost to help rebuild their wardrobe.  She also keeps her prices at a very reasonable level so that everyone can afford to look great!  Novey makes everything from bikini's, Lingerie, to casual wear, club wear, to beautiful formal gowns.  If you haven't visited Totally Random you really need to go and experience this wonderful little shop of wardrobe treasures.  Novey always has great sales, deals and steals.  I will show you some of what you can look forward too at Totally Random.


Cheryl is one of Novey's newest releases and it comes in Orange Sunrise, Powder Blue, Pink and Lilac.  This gown is a stunning example of how incredible Novey's are.  You can really almost feel the Orange silk in this gown from its open sleeveless top, down to the incredibly detailed ruffled skirt, ornamented with white accents, a large rose at the hip and rose at the throat and finished off with beautiful, dainty lace gloves.  This dress can be worn with or with out the incredible train that gives this gown a stunning glamor.

I love how the train adds such elegance and flows so beautifully with the low back.

The rose and silver neck piece tad the finishing touches.

Gorgeous in powder blue


Mae, another one of Novey's newest is a very spring inspired gown the gorgeous silver and pink lace covered bust is accented with a satin and pink flowered bustier style top that flows into a beautiful full lace and pink flower patterned skirt with scalloped lace bottom.  This is so lovely and could be worn to a spring ball.

I decided to accent this beautiful gown with Eros Necklace and earrings in Fuscia from Gems and Kisses and Tukinowaguma's Toshika Brown with Pink flowers.


Metamorphisis, is really what you will feel like in this gown, turning from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. The rich purple silk textures in the top and skirt absolutely flowing in all the beautiful layers, astounding train and detailed with bright white star like accents, flow with the elegance and grace of a butterfly in fight. 

The elegance of the train adds so much to this gown, it can be worn with out it but to me it would not be the same beauty without it.

This gown is completed with the incredible butterfly top, detailed in satin and lace with a sheer cover detailed with a lilac pearl like design and sexy long black satin gloves.

This is Metamorphisis in Black and I did accent it with Mimmi in Platinum and black from Gems and Kisses to show you gorgeous the gown looks dressed up for a formal event.  The gown is also available in Red and Aqua.

Spring Fling

I have to say that Spring Fling is one of my favorites from Totally Random, I feel like a princess in this beautiful gown, truly you have to own this!  Its totally lovely from its halter top in white with a lilac accent around the top to the luscious full skirt that is while sheer with lilac accents.

My favorite part of this beautiful gown is how it moves!  I spent so much time walking and twirling, watching the lovely panels in the skirt lift and fall like they were caught in a breeze, moving so softly, just beautiful!

If you hurry you can get this gown right now at Totally Random for only 10L!!! Yes you heard me right! 10L!  I guarantee you, you will love this incredible gown!


Cimberlyn in Aqua is a fun, flirty little dress from its tied black strapless top to its playful bodice and ruffled skirt.  Perfect for a night of clubbing or a party!

Dress it up with some black shiny bangles, these are Luxury in black by Gems and Kisses and some great hoop earrings.

Cimberlyn also comes in this gorgeous red and black and I accented this color with Pin up pumps in badseed red from Stiletto Moody and Chen in silver from Gems and Kisses. Hot!


We now move into some of the cute casuals that can be worn on a number of occasions.  This cute 2 piece is called Kattalina and is lovely.  The top, low cut black with lace trim on the bottom of the shirt and sleeves that give it a hint of formal.  The dark Capri pants with the beautiful flower print up the leg adds some elegance.  I love this outfit its a great new piece in my spring wardrobe.

I accented this cute outfit with Pearl rain in black from Mandala and classic black stilettos from N- core.

Capri's in Light Pink and Chocolate Cupcakes

Cute, Stylish and very spring!  I love the cropped top in the neutral and the pale pink Capri's!  I accented this outfit with just some simple bangles from glamorize and silver hoops from beloved.  Stiletto moody shoes, D'Orsay in blush.

Pink Polka Dot Capri's

Another lovely casual Capri set from Totally Random, the colors work so well together or you could split them up and have a few great matches!  Dress them up or down, it will be a great outfit for your day to evening needs.  I accented with Stiletto Moody D'Orsay shoes in Blush and Pearl Rain in Cream from Mandala.

Casual Clubbing Beginners Pack

This is just a great fun outfit!  Perfect for clubbing and the teens will love it!  From the sparkling pink top and loosely wrapped scarf to the black leggings, short jean skirt and the adorable sweater boots, It just expresses a sense of adventure and whimsy! I accessorised with the multicolored Mobido in rainbow earrings and warrior rainbow bangles from Gems and Kisses.

Journey in Purple Funk

This has become one of my new fave casuals!  I love everything about this fun, sexy, outfit. The sheer, shiny purple blouse with its rolled sleeves, opened and exposing a sexy black bra to the long jean shorts with the rolled cuff and the striped scarf accent.  I added some of my favorite accessories, my Porn Star low rise runners in checker pattern and Mandala Takara bangles and nails in metal silver.

Totally Random Box for Females (Laid Back)

Just when I think I cant find the perfect laid back, casual, fun outfit, Novey brings one on!  This is so great!  I love all the components and they fit together perfectly!  The white high collared button up shirt opened to reveal a very sexy bustier with a white top, black band and grey flower patterned bottom, with matching cuffed, stressed jeans, sexy, and fun!  I added Mandala's Takara in pink bangles and nails, Monica earrings in pink and my Porn Star runners from Urban Bomb Unit in a grey grunge to complete this outfit!  

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