Friday, July 8, 2011


All the backgrounds are courtesy of PNP, they have amazing backgrounds at incredible prices! Go have a look and get some today for all you photo needs. They have great poses for models, photos, couples and so much more.  This background for Yolanda is from the Romatic's pack.

The Stunning Yolanda in Sapphire, a rich color for such a soft beautiful gown!


I absolutely love this gown from Mami Jewell of Azul.  Yolanda is such a dream with the gorgeous full pleated skirt that moves with you, I had to have a dance in this beautiful dress and it is just breathtaking to watch this full skirt with the flowered trim, swirl around the dance floor!

 There are 2 beautiful skirts included the full and this lovely more streamline version, perfect compromise so that you can wear this incredible gown to more than one occasion. 

I love the way Mami uses the dark silk on the strapless top and incorporates the very soft petal like sheer silk draping perfectly. Then the tight satin bodice, wide sash at the waist and glamorous gloves with the ruffled trim on top, such a romantic touch!  I added a soft Jewelry set from Gems and Kisses called Marylin in Plat and Sapphire, adding a soft touch of glamor to this very romantic, sensational gown!  Yolanda comes in Sapphire, Onyx, Orchid, Garnet, Gold, Lavender, Pauablue and Turquoise.  Get yours today!

Another astonishing creation from Mami Jewell of Azul, Dailey, I chose the Iolite to blog, beautiful color and stunning gown!


 Dailey is so exquisite.  It has such a classic vintage flare that just makes it irresistible!  The strapless tight fitting gown, Iolite colored with a white Lacy overlay, hugging every curve all the way down until you get to the flourish of Lacy skirt on the bottom

 I love the way the skirt trails behind and the rough edged lace makes it so beautiful!  I just love the incredible detail in this gown!  Couldn't you picture walking into a formal event in this gown and just having all eyes on you!

The very sexy bodice of the gown clinging to all the right places and adding a Lacey flourish to the top guiding your eyes to follow it down and take in the rest of this truly stunning piece!  I just loved the soft color too like a silvery purple with the white just makes this piece so gorgeous!  Dailey comes in Champagne, Iolite, Amethyst, Emerald, Onyx and Coral.  I paired this lovely gown with Milky, necklace, earrings and nails from Mandala, it works perfectly with this color!

Mami has been busy creating some more incredible designs for us to look and feel amazing wearing!  Her latest creation Suzana is a beautiful, versatile gown that can be worn short or long for those hot summer days and nights!  Again, true to form this is an outstanding work of art from Mami Jewell of Azul.


 I just love the airy flow of this glamorous gown, its beautiful gauzy layered fabric that just seems to lay perfectly at the knee and slide slowly down to the ankle.  There are soft pink ruffles flowing perfectly from the tight black leather under bust corset of the strapless top and is finished off with black leather cuffs.

 There is a very sexy element to this dress, the seductively laced up corset, displaying the soft curve of your back.  I love the dazzling contrasting black and sakura pink, giving a bit of edgy with softness.

Suzana also comes with a long skirt layer adding more of the glistening sakura pink, falling gracefully to the ground.  This skirt moves so beautifully as you do, flowing up and cascading down slowly settling in.  I was turning in circles just watching how incredible this gown moves.  I have to say this is my new Azul favorite!  Stunning work Mami!  Suzana comes in Sakura, Amber, Aqua, Lavender, Mint and White.  A color selection for any occasion!  Thank you Mami for this lovely addition to our new summer wardrobe!

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