Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was recently introduced to a fabulous designer named Nina Belavidorico, her store is called Dreams Inside Nightmares (D.I.N.).  This store has the most sensual creations I have seen in a long time!  They are sexy, very well made and versatile.  You wear them for RP, lingerie, a very sensual evening of dancing and well better left to the imagination!  Not only do you get a beautiful outfit but a lot of them also come with footwear and jewelry and at an incredibly low price.  I really don't know how she does it!!  But its a wonderful gift of her creativity and generosity.  Please enjoy these gorgeous, outfits and go grab yours today!

The beautiful woman modeling for these pictures in Shaylah Roxley, she is not a "model" but is my sister and an avid RPer in SL, she has the perfect curves and look for the designs of D.I.N.  I wanted to show that any of you gorgeous ladies can look like a dream in Dreams Inside Nightmares.



 I love the rich red, how so much skin shows but so much is left to the imagination.  The way the outfit is pieced together with fabric and metal, the low slung metal hip belt with cascading fabric.

Completed perfectly with armbands, necklace and high heeled sandals.  Helena also comes in black, which I will feature below.


 Equally as sensual and alluring, Helena in Black.

You could even wear this as a sexy swimsuit!


 Elettra, so commanding, sensual, and purely sinful in white!  Just look at the detail in the intricate netting in the corset, that matches the sexy stalkings.

Comes with the beautiful necklace and sexy boots.


Mandy!  This outfit would inspire some intrigue as a sexy pirate wench!  The sexy red top with the laced corset and matching skirt.

And the naughtier version for later!  This outfit is so alluring with the arm cuffs, sexy laced up panties and perfectly matched heels and diamond choker.


 Maya so unique, sheer in all the right places, this pieces adds mystery to those who wear it, you have to exude confidence and know yourself very well.  A temptress, out to steal hearts, maybe even souls!

The sexy armbands and wrapped shoes add a flare as does the beautiful collar, making this so darkly regal.

I will be featuring more of these amazing outfits from D.I.N. look for it this week, I wanted to give you a nice taste, go explore and let your imagination take you places you have never gone before, accessorised with one of these sensual outfits from Dreams Inside Nightmares.

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