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February is the month of Love and Azul brings some beautiful Romantic gowns in many lovely colors to help you find that perfect look to celebrate this month in style!  Mami never ceases to amaze me with her talent, attention to detail and absolute beauty in her designs.  She creates such elegant gown, so much heart in each one!  Her creativity is limitless and you really get that little spark that is Mami in everything she designs!  Check out Azul today to find your favorite gown, I guarantee it will be so hard to choose!  She creates the fantasy, all you need to do is create the moment!

All the gorgeous backgrounds are courtesy of PNP you will find them in the Forgotten, Garden of Dreams 1 and Ballroom 2 pkgs.


 Just in time for Valentines day comes Suzana in limited time colors, Garnet and Ruby!  The Garnet version has an ankle length skirt that is a light sheer black material tipped with rich garnet, a beautiful curve hugging black and garnet satin corset with the same light material as the skirt fanning out the top.  There are matching garnet cuffs, adding mystery and enchantment to this very lovely ensemble.

The equally gorgeous Ruby version has a longer fuller skirt that flow to the floor, cascading around your feet. So elegant and sexy!  I styled with hair from 69 called OMNIA 10 in plush brown. Shoes are from Kalnins called Dante and the lovely necklace is called classic Romance Necklace from Earthstones and only available for a limited time at COLLABOR88.

The back of both versions of Suzana have the very sexy low cut corset tied appearance, giving this gown such a sensual, glamorous look, perfect for Valentines day!  Go today and grab yours for an evening of romance and love Azul style! 


 Mami Jewell of Azul brings us the gorgeous Giselle in Coral. You can be the perfect fairytale beauty in amazing fashion in this gown.  The perfect bell shaped full length skirt, made of a sheer coral and lace layered fabric, moves elegantly with your body and is just made for dancing!

The stunning strapless top that starts with beautiful layers of lace, is body hugging rich satin and falls to lace on the waist, and joins the skirt in cascading waves of sheer coral and lace fabric.  The delicate off the shoulder sleeves that are cinched in with rich satin and a thin tied ribbon, accent the perfect bell shaped lace sleeves.  This romantic gown comes in Coral, Onyx, Amethyst, Jade, Sapphire and Topaz, go and pick your favorites today!  I styled with hair from Analog Dog and color changing Rose bracelet and necklace in Gold from Ashira's.


 This stunning gown was made for the beautiful MVW contestant Miss Ireland - Saleena Hax.  This very sexy gown combines champagne and gold satin coming together from the strapless bodice and falling in ruffles to one side of the gown, accented with a sparkled sheer material that flows from under the ruffles and covers the satin skirting gracefully to the floor.

 The sparkled sheer champagne material layers in the back and the bodice gathers and falls delicately to mid back.  I love how this gown falls on the body, it is fitted and ravishing!

The gown is finished with stunning champagne colored long gloves for that added elegance. Saleena is available in Champagne, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Onyx, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire.  This very sexy gown is perfect for an evening of Romance and some very close dancing!  I styled with hair from Truth, Love Struck Necklace and Earrings and Fatal Distraction Bracelet from Chop Zuey.


 Another exquisitely romantic gown from Azul.  Tyako was made for the lovely MVW 2012 contestant Tyako Coage - Miss Japan.  This gown is so elegant and has such a vintage style. From shoulder to floor your eye takes in the way the gown hugs every curve and flairs at the bottom in perfect sheer layers that caress the red satin to the floor.

 I love the ruffled off the shoulder bodice and the very delicate sleeves that fall below the elbow with definition and some free flowing pieces.

Talk about bringing sexy back!!!  The back of this gown is just about scandalous but it scoops down to the perfect point, sensually accenting the perfect curve of a well toned back before hugging your bottom and thighs and skillfully blending into the flared skirt.  This is one of my new favorites and is available in Garnet, Amethyst, Aqua, Lavender, Onyx, Sapphire, Turquoise and Champagne.  I accessorised with hair from Vanity, Rosabud Earrings and Necklace and Ling Ling Bracelet from Chop Zuey.

These three alluring gowns are available at Azul.  Thank you Mami for bringing romance, intrigue and beauty in these breathtaking gowns to February, the month of Love!

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