Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Bye to 2010, Tribute to some of my favorite Designers and Designs from 2010

                                                    PART ONE OF MY FAVORITES
Well with 2010 almost at a close I am starting the new year with a blog, if I can figure out this computer stuff, so be patient with me as I start this!  I would like to close out this last year with a shout out to SL Designers and some of the fabulous fashions that we have seen this year!  They are not in any particular order just some of my favorite and I will be featuring them and their work in more detail this year!

As you all know by now I have been honored to be Miss Virtual World's Miss Canada 2011.  I have to say the gowns and National Costumes that came out of our competition are just breathtaking!  If you haven't seen them, I will get a list together of all the designers and gowns that were featured so that you can add your favorites to your collection.  They will be blogged about here!

I am starting with my friend, and incredible artist Deliziosa Vendetta of Gems and Kisses - She has that wow factor going on, just when you think you have seen it all, she manages to come up with something more incredible, creative and stunning than she has before!  I have been so lucky to work for her since Gems and Kisses opened and during that time I have seen her grow, not only creating the most beautiful and unique jewelry, really becoming a trend setter in SL, but to clothing, hair, shoes, there is really nothing this talented lady can not do!  She created the national costume for Ranini Farella and wow!  I was blown away!  A lot of the contestants of MVW wore Gems and Kisses for various events.  Some of my Favorites this year from Gems and Kisses are Pearls in Love, which I wore with my formal, Fleur, which include collars, necklaces, earrings and are amazing!  The Tricolored leaf set she made for me for my Swimsuit Competition, it will be out soon, the stunning Carilynn set and she has revamped some of my favorite older pieces like Mimmi, Classical Chic, Purity and Eros. You can see a lot of Gems and Kisses Pieces on my flickr site at Really I have a very hard time picking only a few favorites!  And begging Dely to release some of her clothing in the new year perhaps? We wait with baited breath!!!! XOXO Dely! Visit Gems & Kisses in world at

Sonia28 Jie of Son!a - I <3 u Son!a!!!  This amazing lady took a chance on me as a very new model and I walked my first fashion show in SL for her.  I have been in love with her designs since joining SL in 2009 and I continue to be in awe of her fabulous creations.  She created my National Costume for MVW and it is one of the most beautiful, unique pieces I own, see my flickr for a peak, she also did Miss Bahama's National costume, equally as stunning! Some of my very favorite gowns and outfits from Son!a are Holidays, Darla, Movie Star, Iris, Francine, Fatale, Elite 3.  I could go on and on. She does beautiful wedding gowns, fantasy wear, casuals, hair, her Roseane and Adore updo's are some of my faves!  Her Jewelry is lovely too!  I am wearing one of her chokers in the add for my National costume called Angel.  Son!a is so creative and she really out does herself with everything she puts out.  Her gowns are elegant, sexy, playful, really she has something to suit every mood! Visit Son!a today! See for yourself why she is one of the most sought after designers in SL! You can see some of her work here and visit her store in world

Saby Clary of Utopia - I can not walk into this store without coming out with something!  I love her designs!  They are so unique, beautiful!  She made the amazing Opera gown which I wore for MVW in gold, the textures and flow of this dress just made me fall in love!  She also created Electra in Circe, which I wore for our MVW Halloween glamor show, and Daphne that I wore to my MVW audition, she created Daphne in gorgeous fall colors this year too another fave of mine is Cindy!  If you have never been to Utopia go!  Bring lindens lol! She also does Menswear, casuals, wedding, you can see some of her work here,, and follow the link to see more, in world visit Utopia at

Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture - This lady is so incredibly talented!  We have seen some gorgeous designs from her this year and I'm so excited to see what she puts out in 201!  She makes the most incredible gowns some of my fave's this year are the MVW gown called Emerald that she did for Miss UK, EmeraldEyes Honi.  Others are Carmyn, YSL, Anja, check these out in her holiday creations, they are different colors than she has available normal, beautiful holiday reds but you could wear them anytime of the year!  Amutey has also come out with hair this year and it like all her other creations is wonderful!  If you havent seen it, you really need too, but I warn you that hair is an addiction and you will find that you will fall in love with many styles as they are perfect for her gowns and modeling! you can check them out here and she has links to her other sites. She has lovely group gifts and amazing sales too! Visit Bliss Couture in world at

Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau - Kimmera has the most amazing eye when it comes to fashion and detail, she creates every piece meticulously, perfecting every last detail.  Kimmera has a big, generous heart and always giving!  She created the wonderful National Costumes for Miss Brazil, Shae Sixpense and her gown, called Shae, as well as Miss Peru, Miss Glitter Bolissima and her gown called Glitter.  She made Miaa Rebane's gorgeous gown, Miaa Rebane, she wore this for her final runway walk as MVW.  Along with these incredible ensembles she has created some of my personal favorites called Katina, which is reminiscent of that old Hollywood glamor, my favorite look! You can see some of them here Cherish, Miss Mcoy, Storm.  So many beautiful outfits, Bridal, formals, casuals, lingerie!  Run!!! go check them out! Visit Tres Beau in world at

Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon Creations - I just discovered PurpleMoon this past year, and it has quickly become one of my very favorite places to shop!  She is so talented and creative and has a lot of the classic cut gowns I love to wear, very reminiscent of the glamorous old Hollywood looks, she also created for MVW, I will get that info on here!  Some of my Favorites include, Amanda, Josephine, her holiday special, Blossom, Natalie, the stunning Corina, Sunshine, again so many., you can see some of them here.  Poulet generously gives us some of the most amazing group gifts in SL!  The holiday ones she has released, Hope and Holly are absolutely gorgeous!  For only 50L to join, you are spoiled!  She also makes hair, shoes, nails, jewelry, lots of goodies!  She also belongs to the 55 Linden Thursdays and it is always well worth your 55L! Visit PurpleMoon in world at

Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture - This lady brings classic glamor to a whole new level!  Her designs are so beautiful, you get transported back in time to an era where glamor is all around you this is so evident her designs like Bonnie and Clyde, Hollywood nights, Venemous, White Diamond Sensual.  You definitely feel all women in these form fitting creations, some of which can be seen here, but she also creates for men and the suits are just as glamorous, you have Clyde from Bonnie and Clyde, Dalesford tuxedo, Smoking Jacket Tuxedo.  Step back into that glamor era today and try one of Mohna's lovely gowns!  She does some great Casuals too! Visit MLC in world at

Joy Fellini of Fellini Couture - Where can I start with Joy Fellini but to say OMG!  I drool everytime I come near Fellini Couture lol, She Designed gowns for Carilynn O'Hare for MVW called Irish Orchid and for Fauve Beaumont called Golden Leaves, both of which can be seen here on the Fellini Couture Website as well as at the store where they are for sale.  I am so going to go broke buying gowns from Fellini but I can't help it, they are so gorgeous, unique, everyone feels like it has a story to it, like the perfect costume, some of my Favorites include, My Autumn, Oriental Peacock, Courtisane, Poem.  If you don't have a Fellini Couture ensemble in your wardrobe you really should, they are really like unique pieces of Art that speak to you. Visit Fellini Couture in world at

Freya Olivieri of Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) - Freya has been a great friend of mine since about the 4th month I came to SL. She is so full of energy and sweet and sassy that comes out in her incredible talent as a designer in SL In that time I have had the pleasure to see her talent and fashion line grow!  She without a doubt makes some of the most incredible, sexy, realistic lingerie in SL!  She has grown from lingerie and casuals to formals, wedding, nails, shoes, and everything she touches turns to gold!  You really need to visit Trashy girls and experience her creations for yourself!  I wore my favorite lingerie piece from her called LaBelle in Blue for my MVW Lingerie show and competition, its so sexy, but yet so classic.  You can See LaBelle on my Flickr   and here Freya's prices are so incredible too and her discounts and sales are crazy cheap! She has items that can make those on the tightest budgets buy, wear and feel sexy! Also some great group gifts! She is going places fast!  So go down and check out her store which incorporates so much of her wonderful personality!  Tell her Keira sent you!  Hugs Freya and I wish you continued success, you have come a long way!!! You can visit TGIS, The Pink Store in world at

Mami Jewell of Azul - Who can have a favorites list with out Azul?? These gowns are the statement of elegance in SL.  The way they flow, fall, and fit, the vibrant colors, incredible detail.  Mami is an incredible designer!  I think I own most of her store and or have gifted it out at one time or another to my friends for Birthdays, Christmas, Rez days!  The gift of Azul makes us giggle, smile, know we have something very special!  She has created many MVW gown including former contestants, Sora Tatham, last years winner Miaa Rebane, and this years, Miss Russia, Tania Tabaldi,  you can see Tania's dress on the MVWsite   Miss China, Blossoms Sweetwater, Called Blossoms,  Mami also made Blossoms stunning MVW National Costume, you can see both her dresses on her flikr site at She made 1st runner up Louise McWinnie's gorgeous pink gown and the gown for the new MVW Serene Faith, I think there is a pattern here, Mami is a good luck Charm for MVW contestants!  Serene's dress was so simple but so elegant absolutely stunning! Aside from the MVW gowns, some of my favorites are Camellia, Fiore, Nerola.  You can visit Azul in world at

Sascha Frangilli - Sascha's Design - Sascha has also been one of my Favorite designers since landing in this virtual world.  She has beautiful gowns, casuals, formal, wedding.  This very talented lady also has the greatest sense of humor and her fashion shows are some of my favorites here as we always manage to crash the sim at least once with her incredible following! She also has a huge heart! Right now she has a dress called Alliance that is 450L and 50% goes to Aides charities.  Im sure she has been a mentor to a lot of designers in SL.  You can always tell a Sascha design, her flair, the sparkle,style!  Some of  favorites include her new Rock Chic outfit, Sydney, Rain, Cruella Cocktail, and formal, Novice, Avona.  She has amazing group gifts and monthly gifts! You can see some of her amazing designs at and visit her in world store at

Stay Tuned for Part 2, coming soon!


  1. Great job. I've added your blog to my RSS reader so I don't miss an entry.

  2. Great job Kiera. I am a fan. I'll be reading. Happy new year.

  3. Thank you so much for including Tres Beau Designs in this group of SL's elite women's wear creators. Kimmera does her best to keep things fresh and reasonably priced so everyone can enjoy her work.

    Nave Fall
    Tres Beau Designs

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful compliments! I will be posting a new blog very soon on some of SL's Great Photographers I have worked with and they have taken some shots for me to go with these wonderful designers I've blogged here! I will also be featuring a great stylist and she will have her own space on the blog! Happy New Year and stay tuned!