Monday, March 5, 2012


I love the month of March, for us Canadians, and parts of the USA, it means that there is some sunlight at the end of our long snow tunnel and spring is in the air!  It's also a time for wonderful events to take place, in the form of Relay For Life.

For myself I have loved and lost people very close to me from cancer, watched them battle with all their strength and courage to beat it and slip away when they could fight no more.  These people to me are so heroic, amazing, strong.  I have also watched those close to me fight and win their battle, and go on to be advocates, volunteers, take on cancer, look it in the face and tell it that it's not taking them, not now, not ever!   And they go on to be an inspiration to another who is battling.

I feel that it is my duty, as a loved one of a Cancer survivor to do my best to help beat cancer in anyway I can, raising awareness, raising funds for research and cures, to be a voice for those that have gone to let cancer know that it will not win, that one day cancer will be defeated.

I encourage all of you in SL, to join me in fighting cancer and giving it the fight of its life so that it will no longer take from us our mothers, fathers, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues.  Let's support Relay for Life, Fashion for Life, any and all events taking place in SL in the coming months,  all the amazing designers, creators, builders and more that will be donating their time, creations and energy to provide items for auction, purchase, give away in the coming months to help raise money for cures, research, support.

These are tough economic times for all of us right now but I intend for one to dip into my budget where maybe I would go out for dinner or to a movie and instead donate this to help the fight for all of those I have lost and who have survived and to everyone out there that is going to newly be diagnosed, has been fighting and to their loved ones who are helpless watching, grieving, or celebrating remissions.

If you can't afford to help monetarily, and want to help, look around and ask those that are running events if you can help in anyway.  All support is welcomed and just as important.

Lets let cancer know it will be defeated.  Together we can be a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Thank you so much, Keira, for your support. Your attitude and approach is just what we hope for. Come and enjoy a few evenings wandering the sims at Fashion for Life. Enjoy the entertainment that Dream Seekers is offering. Play the raffle and buy a few pretty things! Most importantly, show your fellow SL residents, many of whom have been touched by cancer in one way or another, that you care.

    We'll see you March 10-20!!