Saturday, May 19, 2012


The amazing creators at ABC have put out a Limited Edition horse with all proceeds going to support Cancer Research and Funding.  As of 11pm on Saturday night, first day of release, ABC has raised over 900,000L for Cancer a quote from Darcul Bellic, the owner and creator of ABC,  "The RFL Horses have only been for sale for 12 and you guys have already raised 976,252L$ for RFL! That just goes to show how big your hearts are!!!"  I agree, way to go guys lets keep those donations coming in!

As you all know I am very passionate about RFL and related events as I have been touched by cancer in my RL, losing a dear friend just this January at the age of 46, 4 days after he learned he had bone cancer.  My mother, who is a three time cancer survivor, my grandfather a cancer survivor, my grandmother on my fathers side, passed of cancer when I was only 7 years old. 

There are many more faces, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, spouses grandparents, friends etc. that will be touched or have passed away from a form of cancer.  Right now as we speak, lung cancer is the leading killer of all the cancers and it is happening to people that have never smoked or been around those who have.  I look forward to the day that we can wake up having no worries that our loved ones will die from cancer.  Please help support RFL, buy one of the ABC horses today.

Yes they are 8k, when I first heard I was "wow that is really high" but then I sat back and thought about how the 8k could help to fund some research, maybe buy some time for someone who is suffering.  I thought can you put a price on someone you love or someone who is dying? and I decided that a life is worth that and so much more.  If you can afford to buy one for 8K, please do, you are helping to find a cure.  If you can't afford it and want to donate, just find a kiosk for RFL and put what you can in there, every little bit helps.  Look at how beautiful this pony is and every time you look at it you can smile knowing that he or she is a special reminder of a life that you have touched with your donation.

There is a lot of time to get your RFL Horse from ABC, they are at the Breedables Fair at the Home & Garden Expo that is where you will find them!

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