Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am so excited that Poulet has released the wedding gown and bridesmaids gowns she made for my wedding!  I excited to share with everyone.  You have no idea how long I've been sitting on my hands wanting to blog this!

My Husband Shady conspired with Poulet when I took a little SL break in January/february after the RL loss of my dear Grandmother, who was so much more than just a Grandmother to me, she was my second mother, we were so close.  Four days after my Grandmother passed away, a good friend of mine died of bone cancer at only 46 years old.  It was a very difficult time.

Shady went to Poulet and showed her some pictures that I had shared with him about a year back when I was doing some work, looking for some vintage looks, I had mentioned at that time that I really loved the look of the 2 dresses, one was the vintage wedding gown, with lace, the other a vintage silk gown.  I really can't believe he remembered and kept the photos, he really listens, he is a keeper!  Poulet agreed to do both dresses and it still brings tears to my eyes that she named the bridesmaid gown after my dear Grams, Christina Rose and colored it lavender which was her favorite color, she had so many outfits in various shades of purple and lavendar.  She even convinced my Gramps to paint thier farm house lavendar on the outside!  We could never miss it from the main road!  Everyone around knew who's house it was and that was 40 years ago!

When I came back to SL and was let in on the secret, I was so touched!  Shady knows how much I adore Poulet and her designs, and for Poulet to create the gowns for me during such a busy time and really just inspiration from pictures I liked.  I cried, the wedding gown was so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, it was like she could see what my dream gown in my head looked like, and veil, combined with a photo and she just created something even more amazing!   The bridesmaid gown too, she added her flair and special touches, and it just came together to be perfect!  That made my Wedding day so special, one I will never forget! It touched my heart and made me feel like my grams was here that day, she would have loved SL and all the Fashion!  So my friends, they are two of a kind, so special and when Poulet asked me if she could release the wedding gown, I had to agree, its to beautiful not to share.

So without further ado, I present Keira Bridal and Christina Rose


I was so honored to wear this incredible gown at my wedding!  It is so beautiful, all the antique lace, the halter style top, with a collar of Daisy's, which are another favorite of mine!  The layers of lace on the skirt and the way it moves together.

The veil is one of my favorite things!  There are 2 choices, one with just a few daisies, but I had to use this one with daisies all around.  I love the length, the beautiful sheer satin, the way it moves.  The white lace short gloves finish it off and add the final touch of elegance.  My dream dress, I honestly did not want to take it off!

Look at how beautifully it moves!  Live a dream!  I truly felt like a princess.  I know you will too if you choose Keira Bridal for your special day!  My hair is called JLo and it comes from the :69:: hair outlet.  My beautiful Jewelry is from Zuri and it color changes and its called Only You, we bought our wedding bands there as well, She has incredible jewelry! My shoes were made to match the jewelry from T/C, you can get them at Zuri's and they are also color change, the accessories on the shoes are and they are called Satin Rose Stilletto's.  My bouquet was from Atomic Bambi but I don't see them there anymore.  My husband's tux came from Mohna Lisa Couture, it is one of the new ones and so very nice!  He chose the tux with Silver cummerbund.


My beautiful dear friends Lorianna and Tymon were in our bridal party.  Lorianna is wearing the gorgeous Christina Rose.  I love the simplicity of this vintage style, Poulet just knocked this outta the park!  Christina Rose is so sleek, figure hugging, with the flair of silk skirting at the bottom, tiny bows on the top of the straps and a gorgeous train at the back.

You can see the gorgeous back of the gown, it has tiny little pearl buttons and that cute bow that starts the lovely train.  The long satin gloves just add to the ensemble.  My dear daughter Shelliia is dancing the night away!  Tymon is also wearing a Suit from Mohna Lisa Couture, its called Clyde and is so vintage, it comes with all the accessories too so you don't need anything else!  Christina Rose comes in several lovely colors!

Thank you for taking time to check out my special day.  Thank you again to Poulet who made my day so special, you are such a dear friend and an extraordinary designer!  

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