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This new Bridal Collection from Vero Modero is absolutely inspired!  They are new, original and so beautiful.  Take a look through and see if you can imagine yourself in your dream wedding wearing one of these gorgeous gowns!

The set I photographed on was created for the recent Vero Modero Wedding Bells Bridal Collection show and are, Roman Ruins and all the gowns and Tuxes are named after Middle Eastern Ruins and mythology. 


 Anthea - the name which is Greek in origin and means blossom or Flower.  This stunning strapless, low cut and gathered bodice gown, with matching satin gloves, hugs the body and flows into a long silk skirt with a hip sash that ties in the back.  The cut of the skirt is so beautiful and moves beautifully. The veil is layers of sheer elegance and Anthea is finished off with beautiful wings that bring out the goddess in any woman that wears Anthea on her special day, from the bridal collection at Vero Modero.  I styled with jewelry from Burroughs, gold heels from N-Core and Hair from SS.


 Dorlion was a Greek Goddess and true to form this gown is fit  for a Goddess.   This Couture gown with the sweetheart neckline, with sheer polka-dot overlay and sheer bell sleeves. Sparkling white gloves grace her hands. The white silk gown is layered with a sheer tulle skirt and bustle, cut in different lengths that fall and stream together to create a waterfall of fabric that flows out the sides of the gown adding an unsurpassed glamor and style to Dorlion, the matching veil and the exquisite bride.  I styled with hair from lamb, white pumps from Ivanka Akina and jewelry from G&K.


 Ceres was the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships, her name loosely translated means to grow, create.  The strapless top is draped with diamonds, falling like raindrops down the bodice and trimming each exquisite layer of the full skirt and train that falls from the hip that are accentuated in ruffles. 

The long sleeved sheer top adds the final splash of elegance to the gown and ties in the lovely mid length veil, making Ashia flawless! After a wonderful day you can take off the large skirt and wear a streamlined straight cut skirt that is cut high and buttoned just to mid thigh, perfect for dancing the night away! I styled with hair from Clawtooth and necklace and earrings from PM, a bracelet from JCNY and white pumps from Ivanka Akina.


Eleaf, a Greek Goddess could be pictured in a gown so aptly named after herself.   Eleaf is so unique, the bodice is silver and is covered with layers of sheer tulle that goes over one shoulder and continues in layers down the skirt to the foot, moving gently as you walk, as if being lifted by a summer breeze and if that breeze should blow a little harder, it would reveal the lovely thigh high white stockings that grace your gorgeous legs.  The large hair flower (also available in a smaller size), gives a a unique touch and accents the lovely layered mid length veil.  Finishing the gown are the perfect white short gloves.  Eleaf is such a lovely couture gown, any bride would would look spectacular wearing it on her special day. I styled with jewelry from Alienbear, hair from 69 and white pumps from Ivanka Akina.


Alceste Bridal White.   Beautiful empire waist tied with a white sash accenting the open satin top.  Alceste can be worn two ways with the empire waist and with the same top in a bustier style, longer, with the skirt flaring out from under the bustier.  The skirt of Alceste is incredible, full drape of white silk with perfect shadowing where it meets the floor and falls flawlessly giving an elongated regal stature for the the lovely bride. 

The sheer hair bow and mid length sheer layered veil give the final elements of grandeur. This is a gown you would see at a royal wedding and it is definitely fit for a princess! I styled with jewelry from Alienbear, hair from Osmosis(formerly Plume) and white pumps from Ivanka Akina.


Alcestis was a princess in Greek Mythology known for the love of her husband, her story is tragic but beautiful as is Alceste.  We see this stunning gown with a gorgeous black silk ribbon, wrapping the high waist and accenting it against the milk white gown.  The black adds such a classic flare to the stark white and draws the eye to the flawless bodice of the gown, open and folded perfectly, the sash tied superbly.  Again, it can be worn either way as the all white version.  Which ever way is chosen, this gown will be the talk of the town for a long time after the wedding is over!


 Bisanthe was an ancient Greek Poet and author. This is such an amazing dress, from the strapless silk, milky white top to the sheer skirt that drapes so elegantly still showing some leg underneath.  The beautiful long silver ribbon that falls to the floor and moves poetically with the gown.

The lovely silver hair accessories and mid length layered sheer veil and perfect white gloves,  finish off this incredible wedding ensemble.  

During the reception the bride can let her hair down and take off the long sheer skirt, revealing a mini that has the same lovely silver ribbon pattern, you could also wear the sheer skirting over the mini and show off your perfect legs, anyway you wear Bisanthe you will be guaranteed to be the most beautiful bride! I styled with jewelry from Alienbear, hair from JE REPUBLIC and white pumps from Ivanka Akina.


Ephesus was an ancient Greek city and later a major Roman city  and is very famous for the Temple of Artemis one of the seven wonders of the world. This ravishing dress is very old world inspired..  The graceful,  full lace sleeves and bow tie style top expose a bit of skin as you get to the high waist skirt that is decorated with layers of sheer tulle, light as air falling to the feet, billowing around gracefully.  The veil is so stunning, layers of sheer tulle that cover the face and sit like an open umbrella made of silk on the head in a very traditional fashion.   Ephesus is just remarkable a real beauty from the bridal collection at Vero Modero. I styled with hair and jewelry from Son!a and white pumps from Ivanka Akina.


The timeless Amasis Bridal gown from the Bridal Collection at Vero Modero. Amasis was The Pharaoh of Egypt and Amasis the gown is definitely made for a Queen of Egypt.  This gown is so vintage inspired the see through lace top with the flowing lace that adorns the neck, shoulders and arms, the very slim cut lace skirt that is tight to the knee then layers of silk tulle come forth making the perfect mermaid style gown.  Finishing off Amasis is the very decorative head ornament that leaves you with a  royal feel to the ensemble. I styled with hair from Son!a, pumps from Ivanka Akina  and jewelry from JCNY.


Nars, a Greek Goddess could almost be pictures sitting at Mount Olympus dressed to perfection and fantasy in a gown like Nars.   This is like a fairytale gown, so elegant, heavenly.  The large sheer poofed sleeves, the sheer and lace top open to the hip, where and beautiful hip ornament made with lace, tulle and ribbons sits gracefully as the sheer and lace full skirt that has panels of sheer fabric that flow individually and magnificently to the tip of the perfect pair of shoes, one could imagine glass slippers would be the finishing touch!  This is the gown that fairy tales are made of! Available at Vero Modero in the Bridal Collection.  I style with hair from JE REPUBLIC, jewelry from Mandala and Glass Slippers from Fierce.


Paris is part of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Eiffel tower and who wouldn't be inspired by Paris, the city and this amazing gown!  This gown is bewitching, such a renaissance style, the perfect white gown with an intricate silver pattern throughout, draws the eye to take in every inch.

 The bodice is strapless and fitted as are the three quarter sleeves that hug the arms.  The exquisite skirt flare out and has a beautiful long train, both finished with lace, add such elegance and classic design to Paris.  The matching veil is just breathtaking and completes Paris, the same pattern and cut, it just finishes with a touch of grace.

There is another veil that you can wear that is a simple sheer long veil if you wanted a simpler look.  What a dream wedding this would be in Paris!  I styled with hair from JuneWave, jewelry from Ashira and pumps from Ivanka Akina.

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