Thursday, March 29, 2012


Ahhhhh Spring is in the air and so are the amazing Fashions!  Azul has come out with a new gown that is ready to wear and just stunning!


Estela is so lovely!  I chose the beautiful amethyst version to blog as it just reminds me of spring.  Another vintage stunner from Azul, I love the triangular shoulders, the black collar and the sheer top that loosens at the waist with a high wrapped black waist and a very skinny skirt that slightly flairs at the bottom, the sleek black gloves that get wider and fold on top add a lovely element.

From the side you can see the open back, and the lovely purple scarves that flow freely, complimenting the gown and adding the last element of elegance to Estela.  Estela is available in Amethyst, Jade, Topaz, Onyx, Coral and Sapphire.  I styled with hair from Lamb, Shoes from Kalnins, Earrings from Mandala and a cigarette holder I purchased on Marketplace.  Find your favorite color at Azul or grab the fat pack for a variety of lovely looks!

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  1. thank you keira dear!!!
    this amethyst really suits you:D