Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Cancer doesn't only strike our human loved ones but our furry loved ones as well. This past October I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Burmese boy. He was a healthy happy big guy at almost 30Lbs, Burmese male cats get quite large, he loved to hunt mice, chase bugs outside, try desperately to climb trees but to his dismay pine tar was just not worth the thrill of scaling a tree. He was my baby, really he was one of my children, he would nag me to get off the computer and go to bed, every time I sat he was on my lap, he was at my side all day. We noticed in August that he was slowing down, he was 13 years old so we figured it was a sign of age. By September he wasn't eating as much, we had adopted 2 rescue kittens and we felt that maybe he was sulking as he started to spend a bit more time on his own, by mid September he wasn't himself at all, meowing all the time, not happy about being picked up, he couldn't even seem to jump up on our bed anymore. I took him to the vet, we went through testing and over a weekend our lives changed forever. He was diagnosed with terminal liver and pancreatic cancer. Devastated we took him home, spoiled him for a few days, letting him know we loved him so much, trying to fathom saying goodbye, make the transition a bit easier for our children who loved him, everyone who met him fell in love with him. We made the hard choice to put him to sleep so he didn't have to suffer anymore, we felt that was fair, he loved us unconditionally, was a confidant, a friend, our child. I couldn't watch him go through the pain he was in, he got worse very quickly and by the first of October I held him as he went to sleep and slipped away in peace. 

I know so many of you are animal lovers, your animals are your children, a loved family member and though they aren't human, it still hurts the same when you say goodbye, when you see them in pain. If we can cure cancer in humans we can cure it in our beloved pets too. Lets do everything we can to get rid of this wicked disease that takes so much from all of us, support Fashion For Life, lets kick cancers ass, lets find a cure!

The lovely Shiki Design for Fashion for Life.


This gown is so lovely, feminine, tropical. I love the flowers that adorn the top, the beautiful patterned lilac satin and the delicately multi-layered skirt that just sits so gracefully and falls to the floor. It's such a simple, elegant gown. I styled with hair from Plume that just fit perfectly.

Please visit the Dreamseeker sims to find this beautiful gown and support a cure for cancer.

Thank You,
Keira Soulstar

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