Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am blogging a beautiful piece from Tres Beau that I purchased at Fashion For Life from Tres Beau and A couple of poses from my favorite pose shop in SL Morganes.

I have to say first that I'm so sick of these cowardly, noxious people that feel the need to attack people for their own amusement in SL.  There were some very hurtful things said recently about Nave Fall and Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau and my friend Morgane Batista.  Some coward used an old note card that Morgane created, erased the content and used it to spread hate and lies about these three people that I have known for a few years now and I can tell you that it is not true, not one word.  There are cowards in SL that use others to spread their hate and drama, they hide so that no one knows who they are and they spew venom anonymously so that they can cause trouble and sit back and watch it with no consequence.

Nave and Kimmera of Tres Beau and Morgane of Morgane's Poses are three of the kindest, most accepting, gracious, honest, talented people I have come across in SL.  If you are running a show where you need items to give away for any cause to benefit those in need, Kimmera really has an open door policy, she is incredibly generous, both her and Nave will go above and beyond to help out in anyway they can.  Their kindness is truly from the heart.

Morgane I have worked with in Shows, and have spoken to many times, this lady would give you the shirt off her back if she saw you needed it.  She helps out wherever she can, again for whatever causes, she is there.  I have personally known her to give away poses for those who need them, to benefit a show, because they are new models, and just because.  She is one of the sweetest most generous person and really she does these things from her heart.

So don't believe crap someone would send out in a notice, these people are far to classy to do this and far to honest and sincere to have anything to do with the garbage that was in that note card.  They are loved by a lot of us here and they can rest assured that we have their backs in this unfortunate event.


This is such a gorgeous dress!  Kimmera is a girl after my own heart!  Its vintage and pink!  I just adore the soft pink overlay with the ornamental pearls, gold and diamonds.  The simply elegant light as air skirt that moves like a dream and flutters around the feet.  The pearl, gold and diamond belt is so perfect and adds the final touch to this beautiful, perfect gown from Tres Beau called Georgia Rose, Kimmera really poured her heart into this beautiful gown which proceeds went to help fund a cure for cancer.  The pose I used for this is from Morganes Runway collection - Another Day Set.  This set is so great, Morgane works so hard to make her poses versatile and perfect! 

I chose another pose from Morgane's vast collection to show off the top of this amazing dress just a little closer, it is from her Jewelry Edition Set.  I pose works so well for a nice formal with beautiful jewelry like this set from Donna Flora called Misty that I chose to accent Georgia.  My hair is from ::69::

Visit Tres Beau today to check out the amazing designs and find your little piece of heaven, and don't forget to add Morgane's to your list, her poses are a must have, for photo's, runway or whatever you need, she does custom poses as well.

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