Sunday, March 11, 2012


I lost a close friend on January 23 2012 to bone cancer. He was only 46, he was diagnosed 4 days before he passed away, he left behind a wife and two young children. He went in repeatedly over the last 2 years with pains in his legs, body aches and pains, he was in excellent shape, was a runner but because of his age and general health no one ever thought of cancer. He put it off when they discovered he had some arthritis and some damage to his ligaments from old sports injuries. Finally when he kept getting ill, losing weight, things just weren't going well. He went in and 2 weeks later he received the news in a hospital bed, 4 days later he was gone, my friend of over 20 years, a father, a husband, a brother, a son and uncle. I'm sharing this story because he is who I'm fight for, his wife, his children, his family. It's so fresh in my mind and after years of watching cancer take away people I love, torment people I love. I don't want to keep watching cancer take away the people I love, the people we all love. Together we can and we will make sure that there is enough money for research to find a cure so we don't have to watch our loved ones go through this and pick up the pieces, I am also encouraging everyone to get screenings every couple of years for the big guns like breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Be educated and be firm with your doctor, be strong.

Now to the beauty, Purplemoon. Poulet has created some amazing gowns with all proceeds going to Fashion for Life to help find a cure for cancer.


Just when I think I've found my favorite colors, I see all these gorgeous new spring dresses and have to start all over again! Lara in blue from Purplemoon, such a beautiful blue mixed with silver and you have design gold! I love how the top is tied on one side with the large flower then tapers down in to the skirt with the lovely blue and silver flowers sliding down one leg and disappearing into a layered ruffled skirt that just kisses the ground and the beautiful silver waist sash ties it all in and the matching silk gloves finish off this beautiful ensemble. The hair is also from Purplemoon.


This dress is fit for a Goddess, the beautiful earthy rich colors, the strapless open burnt orange bodice that falls to the waist in light layers and is gracefully covered with a rich orange satin sash. Then continuing into a beautiful flared skirt continuing with the incredible colors all the way through. It looks like the perfect sunset. You'll look like a dream in Lucia! Another lovely hair from Purplemoon, I styled with.


This is such a vintage look! The one sided lace sleeve over lay that goes diagonally and flares out at the side. The strapless bustier tied under bust with a black ribbon and then hugs every curve with its luscious river of black satin to the floor and then decorated by black lace cascading down the side from thigh to floor. Finished off with short lace gloves! Seductive and amazing, you can get Nala in black at Fashion for Life in the Purplemoon Kiosk, along with Lucia and Lara. I styled with hair from Plume.

Go down to the Dreamseekers sims today and shop to find a cure!

Thank you,
Keira Soulstar

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