Thursday, March 15, 2012


An estimated 226,160 new cases of lung cancer are expected in 2012, accounting for about 14% of cancer diagnoses." Cancer facts and figures 2012 - American Cancer Society.
Staggering numbers, 14% is a huge amount given that smoking is a big factor and we can control that. Please if you are suffering from "persistent cough, sputum streaked with blood, chest pain, voice change, and recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis" see a doctor and be tested - Cancer facts and figures 2012 - American Cancer Society.

Lapointe and Bastchild for Fashion for Life

L&B S Wear Drift Denim and Leather Women's Jacket and Simone Ankle Boots

I absolutely love this pairing for FFL, the jacket is so sexy, perfectly made and the ankle boots are so gorgeous and come in an eray of colors. I styled with Skinny Jeans from BE and hair from Analog Dog.

The denim and leather work perfectly, waist length, open just enough to be able to be worn with nothing underneath. It's very fashionable and could inspire many different looks. I love the detailing, the buttons, buckles, zippers, thread detailing, the slightly washed denim and the diamond patterned leather. Gorgeous jacket available at FFL.

Simone, these ankle boots are so nice! Very well made and so versatile! I love the detail in the chording and Tassels, the stitching, the suede fabric and nice thick heel. You could wear these with just about anything and with the color range you can have one for every outfit, they come in Ocean, bark, caramel, cocoa, cream, espresso, moss, navy blue, noir, olive, pewter, pine, plum, rose, royal blue, russet, seafoam, teal, and wine. I'm going to add their advertisement so you can see the beautiful colors, go get yours today!

Make sure you hit the dreamseeker sims today and get these great designs from Lapointe and Bastchild with proceeds going to help fund cancer research.

Thank You,
Keira Soulstar

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